Friday, April 23, 2010

Retail Therapy

I went to the Hallmark store today on my lunch hour. I seem to do a lot of my shopping during this hour because, well, its peaceful! I don't have to juggle looking at things, getting snacks, sippy cups, or feel guilty about not visiting the toy section.

My goal was to pick up several cards I needed and hopefully a few neat gifts for Mother's Day, which is a new experience for me in itself. Yes, I always bought my Mom & Mother-In-Law a gift for Mother's Day but I never got to pick out "Nana" & "Mom-Mom" gifts. I LOVE picking out things for them! What better way to show how much I truly appreciate everything they do for my daughters than to pick them out something special? There really are not enough words to express how grateful I am to not only have them know & love my daughters but to actually be a big part of their lives growing up. As I stood picking up the personalize items I couldn't resist, it brought me back to memories of my 2 Grandma's - Mammaw was my Mom's Mom and Mom-Mom was my Dad's Mom. They were truly a big inspiration in my life and the memories I have of them are so very cherished to this day. It was always a big deal going to Mammaw's or Mom-Mom's... maybe we were happy for a change of scenery or maybe we were just happy to be somewhere where we could basically do whatever we wanted! (for the most part!). Both of them knew how to cook beyond words so dinner & dessert was always yummy there. Even though each of them had a different personality, they each took part in inspiring me in different ways.

I know my girls are still too young to realize just how lucky they are to have such loving grandparents in their lives but hopefully someday they will look back, while in a Hallmark store picking out a Mom-Mom card for me, and cherish every moment they shared with the 2 remarkable women in their lives. ♥

Sunday, April 18, 2010

-Snapshot Sunday-

A few of my favorite snapshots from this week...