Friday, June 8, 2012

Sesame Place

Sunny days.... chasing the clouds away... (now that will be in your head for the rest of this post, huh?)..

Just a couple short weeks ago, we had our very first family of four adventure! We went to Sesame Place located in Langhorne, Pa.  What a fun, fun, FUN time we had! I'm not sure who was more excited, the girls or myself, haha!

We went up on a Thursday - the entire way up the girls kept asking if we were there yet. It was only about an hour drive, impatient much? When we finally arrived, I thought they might burst at the seams!

The park is super cute. There are many, many water rides but we wanted to wait to do the water stuff till later or the next day. So off we went to the dry area of the park...

 YAY! We are finally HERE!!!!

On the steps of 123 Sesame Street.. Abbie is doing a little happy dance.

This was the first ride of the day. A carousel, of course!
(most pictures are with my iPhone.. I just didn't want to lug around my big girl camera and the iPhone fits so nicely in a pocket!)

More rides.. some of these made my stomach have butterflies!
Most of these are pictured with Daddy but rest assured, I went on them too... usually, the FIRST time! Just couldn't take pictures of that, lol!

These tea cups SPUN around so fast! I went on the first time, made Daddy go the next! WHEW!

I think we saw just about every character there was to see! The girls RAN to them like they were their best friends! I was so happy there was no being scared or shy. They happily gave hugs & posed like rockstars!

Bert & Ernie and SUPER Grover!!

The Count!

and.. Abby Cadabby (who is my favorite!!)

Does this guy need an introduction?  COOOOOOOOOKKKIIEEEEE!!!

We left the park mid-afternoon to go grab some lunch. We refused to pay the money in the park for a simple hot dog & burger (sorry Sesame!). Sitting at lunch though, the clouds grew dark and the skies opened! Good thing we were inside... it stormed like crazy! Sesame Place does this really cool thing where if it rains more than 1 hour on the day you have a ticket, they give you a "Sunny Day" ticket replacement to come back. So we were secretly hoping for at least an hour of showers. Well, it ended up raining for about 3 hours.. Boooo! The park closed at 6 on Thursday and it was 5:00.. we made a quick decision to go back to the park for the last hour, the showers were almost gone and we had to get our Sunny Day ticket anyways. When we got there, it was practically empty. I guess everyone had their fair share & left because we saw maybe 10 people? Jackpot! We got to see a few more characters with no line, of course and even dance in the street with Bert & Ernie. WOOHOO!

We made it back to our hotel, bathed, relaxed and both girls (and almost Mommy & Daddy) were out by 8:30, snoozing! By the way.. I think we need room darkening shades in their bedroom, they didn't make a peep until about 8:00am the next morning.

Stay tuned for Day 2...


Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Little Graduate - A letter to Jaelyn

Dear Jaelyn,

Today you graduated from Pre-K and stepped your way right up to Kindergarten. You were extremely cute in the little crayon box play you & your friends performed. You were the orange crayon and at the beginning, no one liked you :( and you made a mean face with your "hump" sound. haha, it was adorable! By the end of the play (end of school year) all of your crayon friends loved you & each of you realized that team work gets the job done! I am so very proud of you.

I did get a little teary-eyed watching the pictures flash on the screen while Somewhere over the Rainbow played. You have really blossomed this year. It was rocky in the beginning of the year, you went through a big period of adjustments and didn't quite grasp that things change. But, you caught on and turned into this beautiful little girl with a big heart full of love for everyone in  your class! 

Your intelligence has soared as well. You love books! When I say you love books.. I mean.. you LOVE books! Even your teacher made it a point to say that you can always be found in the little library section looking through book after book. You are definitely my daughter! I can't wait until you can read me a book with a big smile on your face, you are trying SO hard and it will click, I promise.

You are a great big Sister and waste no time letting Abbie know what you are learning about in school. You bring home countless art projects and often times when you talk, I can't keep up with you! You are a little sponge that just absorbs everything you hear. You talked about rocks for weeks. Yes, rocks. But not just a simple 'oh look, a pretty white rock', no.. you went into great detail about how the rock came to be, why it was the shape it was, etc. After that you moved on to leaves, and then the beach and so on. You really do enjoy learning new things.

I know you will continue to blossom and grow as you enter Kindergarten. I can't wait to hear more about everything you learn and just listen to you with amazement. How did I get so lucky? I love you dearly. Congratulations on your big achievement!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Scarpa Family

Perhaps you remember me photographing the lovely Ashley & her hubby, Brett when she was expecting. No? Well, HERE is a quick peek! Go look, I will wait....

*hears Jeopardy theme*

Ok, cute wasn't she?! Well, I got to meet her little one, recently and photograph her beautiful little family! The little one wasn't all too happy & certainly not in the mood for pictures (but hey, we all have those days right!?). So, we patiently waited and well, I got some pretty cute shots! I just wanted to share a few with you.... just adorable, in my opinion.

Thank you, Brett & Ashley for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family! I can't wait to capture more special moments for you as your grow.

Whew... one more photo shoot to share! Guess I have been busy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Staci & Brian

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing this cute couple! They are expecting (any day now I believe) a new little bundle of joy. What's cool is they didn't find out what, not many do that any more but what a sweet surprise! I know it makes no difference and I am positive their little one will spoiled with love like no other.

Congratulations Staci & Brian!
Best Wishes!!

I have more pictures to share with some other photo shoots I've done.

Also, we took our first trip to Sesame Place (first ever family trip!). I can't wait to tell you all about it, we had such a good time!

I just love Summer!! Hope you are having a good one so far!!