Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Paper Mama :: Holiday Photo Challenge

Chelsey over at The Paper Mama inspired me to be a little funny this year & create a Christmas card. I actually had fun with this & was laughing at myself while doing it. Total dork, I know but hey... isn't that what the holidays are about? Smiling & enjoying!

So, here is my entry for her super cute Holiday Photo Challenge. hehe!
Doesn't this inspire you to be creative, too? If not, then clink on the button below and go check out more or at least have a giggle or two at all the cute pictures.

The Paper Mama

Wordish Wednesday: Epi Pen

It's been a slow week in pictures, forgive me. Rain doesn't help and the busy schedule of the holidays coming up and well, I could keep making excuses. I really just haven't picked up my camera (but my iPhone is a different story!)... anyways...

I did take this lovely shot of a new thing around our house. Abbie's Epi Pen.

Yes, she is "officially" allergic to peanuts. She had her allergy testing done last week and the peanut testing spot swelled up immediately. She has to go back next month for a little more testing on different tree nuts - almonds, cashews, etc.

It's a little scary and a little relieving at the same time? I mean.. I hope we NEVER EVER EVER have to use this thing. That would be very scary. But, I'm relieved to know now what has caused her breaking out into hives and scary the crap out of me once & for all.

I've been reading up on peanut allergies. Not so bad. After everything she went through to come into this world & to be a part of ours, this is nothing we can't handle! ♥