Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Fun

and... Happy Opening Day to Philadelphia Phillies baseball fans! Wooohoo!!
I sure hope they get to play today, even though its cold, wet & just plain yuck. Certainly NOT baseball weather! But oh, baseball has been missed all winter in our house!
Hubby is a big Phillies fan and ever since I can remember my Aunt took use to games as a kid. I guess you could say it's in our blood, lol.
I hope to be able to take the girls to a game this Summer so they too, can experience the boys of Summer!

No special plans this weekend - which is NICE for a change.
I am stopping by to buy tickets for Jaelyn's very first dance recital today. (AHH!) The recital is on June 18th. I'm super uber duper excited. She gets a little shy in class but HOPEFULLY in the next 2 months and with a little practice + encouragement at home, she will be ready for her big debut. We are off to class tomorrow.. maybe I can sneak a few shots of her & her friends dancing their hearts out to "Big Girls Don't Cry". SO CUTE! Other than that.. it's a pretty freeeeeee weekend! I think I will pick up "Tangled" today too so we can have a movie night tomorrow night. I heard it's pretty darn good.

What are your weekend plans??

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

-A Mom's Daybook- {1}

-A Mom's Daybook-

I saw this idea over at Supermom and just loved it. What a nice way to sit & reflect about the day & days ahead. A simple reminder too of the things that make us smile!

oustide my window...
the sun is refusing to shine and there are drops of rain everywhere. it's calming in a way.

i am thinking...
that it sure would be nice to be on that cruise ship with my Mom & Dad right now! I hope they are enjoying themselves. ♥

i am thankful for...
there isn't much I'm NOT thankful for right now. I really have been truly blessed and thank God everyday for all he has given me.

i am learning...
to stop getting upset over little things. smiling is contagious and I should do more of it.

i am wearing...
pj's! ohhh so comfy pj's! Blue pants with clouds on them and a matching shirt that says in the corner "Dream on". lol!

i am creating...
hairbows! My sister & I have been on this kick lately to create these adorable hairbows (giveaway coming soon!). it's fun and so much cheaper to do them ourselves!!

i am going...
to bed shortly!

i am reading...
It's Not Summer without You by Jenny Hann
thanks to my good friend, Ginger from GReads who make THE most awesome recommendations. You should totally check out her blog!

i am hoping...
Jaelyn continues on her 'good girl' streak at daycare. 4 days down, 1 more to go!

i am hearing...
nothing but my keys tapping.. doesn't it sound wonderful?? Ahhhh quiet!!!

around the house...
there are a few closets that need a really good spring cleaning. but, they are closets and no one see's them and well, they are closets! I could make up every excuse in the book, trust me.

one of my favorite things...
is my camera. I love learning new things about it. I love trying those new things out. I love checking out other photography blogs for inspiration. love, love, love!

a few plans for the weekend...
this will actually be a rather quiet weekend compared to some others that are coming up. Jaelyn has dance and that is about it! Ask me again in a month or so and I will have a full schedule for you!

a picture...
Another adorable picture of my Jaelyn with her lollipop!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quarterly Top 5

It was REALLY hard to only pick 5. Which is surprising because most days it's hard for me to find inspiration (most days). But, with these 2 lovely faces to capture.. they do make it rather easy for me to snap! snap! snap!

Be sure to go check out ALL of the fabulous photos over at:


1. - Abbie Lynn
It was one of those WARM days we go this month. We were outside playing and of course I had my camera. I said "Abbie look here at Mommy". She said "No more pictures, Mommy!"
haha. I still love it - one of my favorites by far! 

2. Jaelyn & Abbie
Happy St. Patrick's Day! One of the rare occasions that they both sat, posed & SMILED for me!

3. Jaelyn Nicole
A snowy day back in January. We just built this snowman and she loooooved him. I really think she wanted him to come alive (like Frosty) and start dancing around with her. I just love the wonder in her eyes. ♥ 

4. Jaelyn Nicole
What can I say - she is at the age where I can steal her away for a mini photo shoot!
AND... I totally got some cute pictures by offering up this prop! Which is a heart locket that was once my Grandmothers. She fell in love with it & I feel in love with the pictures. 

5. Jaelyn & Abbie
Another beautiful day - I just love how their hair is flying away & they have almost the same facial expression on their faces, haha. We love playing on the swings!
Let me tell you also, what a BIG difference from last year. Abbie would RUN, RUN, RUUUUNNN when we were outside this time last year. This year her & her sister play so nicely on the swings & in the sandbox. It's lovely!! 

There you have it! My favorite 5 photos so far this year.
I can tell I'm getting better & better - and the inspiration & cheering section I get from all the Mom Blog Photographers is awesome! I can't wait to see what the next quarter holds in store.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Paper Mama - Photo Challenge:::: Sweet!

The beautiful Chelsea over at The Paper Mama is having a pretty 'sweet' photo challenge. No really, that's the theme. SWEEEEEEET!

So, I grabbed Jaelyn, and a lollipop and off we went.
It was rather fun for both of us!
You should have SEEN some of the faces this girl can make!
I have to say, she is pretty darn cute in all of her cuteness.

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