Thursday, May 5, 2011


-A Mommy's Daybook-


outside my window...
it's sunny but rather chilly.
What happened to our nice Summer weather??!!

i am thinking...
about my complete Mommy meltdown last night
and thankful for a new day.

i am learning...
to take some of my own advice.
Relax, breathe, don't be so uptight Tammy!

i am wearing...
gray pants, a cute 'watercolor' shirt and a short black sweater over top.
I feel nice today!

i am creating...
a list of party things, people, stuff for our big adoption party!

i am going...
to finish up some Mother's Day shopping soon.
I have the ideas in my head - now I just have to get everything together.

i am reading...
Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
I'm on Chapter 18 and so far I have really enjoyed it.
For some reason I look books about Angels!

i am hoping...
everyone decides to come out to our party.
It will be SO nice to thank each 
& every person that has been there for us for the past 2 years.

i am hearing...
gossip that I prefer not to. Sometimes it amazes me
that grown women can't act more like grown women.

around the house...
I cleaned like Cinderella on Saturday morning.
Scrubbed floors, cleaned bathrooms, dusted, etc.
I am hoping to tackle our bedroom this weekend. It is
in serious need of organization!!

one of my favorite things...
is watching sports with my hubby. I know, odd to some
of you probably but I enjoy sports and watching it
with Chris is actually FUN!

a few plans for the weekend...
picking up my new Vera Bradly bag.. WOOHOO!
Jaelyn has dance on Saturday and then just getting more
things together for Adoption Day (May 13th) and our party!

a picture...
am I the only OCD person with socks? Yes, I actually fold
them together, haha!! Hopefully this picture makes you smile!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Word{ish} Wednesday

The girls looooove some bubbles right now and I have to say, I'm quite impressed with how well they can blow the bubbles. They occasionally get a little in their mouths but hey, it's all good. I bought these awesome bubble guns over the weekend, which make things a bit easier because all they do is push a button and voila! bubbles are everywhere! yay!

I'm pretty proud of this picture! What do you think?

In other important news: We signed the last of our adoption paperwork and the OFFICIAL date of Adoption is set for May 13th. HOLY COW! That's NEXT WEEK you say? Yes, I KNOW! I can hardly believe this long journey is coming to an end.. or as some of my dear friends have said.. a very sweet beginning! :) I'm sure many picture will be taken so stay tuned!!! ♥

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favorite Things

I'm always browsing etsy looking for new & different things. I'm amazed at all of the creative people who come up with the most adorable stuff! I thought I'd start sharing some of the cute things I find with you.

*I am not being paid by any website or artist for any promotions mentioned here.
I am simply sharing my favorite things*

In honor of Mother's Day, I've picked a few 'lovely' things with hearts! That is exactly what I think of when I think of my Mom... love! ♥ Some of these items would be really cute gifts for Mom, too! If not ideas, more than anything. How cute is that coffee huggy for a coffee mug? I love it!

Please feel free to stop by any of these shops to check out these adorable items. And why not let them know Tammy @ Don't Blink sent you!? Etsy has all sorts of neat things to check out... I could spend hours on there just shopping.

Stop over at Supermom to check out her Ten Tuesday Treats as well!
Do you have some awesome treats or finds to share? Leave me a message!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

the paper mama -- Spring!

What says 'spring' more than picking some dandelions beautiful wild flowers?!
Abbie just loves picking these out of the yard and then blowing them everywhere.. her Daddy? Not so much!! lol! I think its cute!

The Paper Mama

Guest Blogger Spotlight --- Ginger from GReads!

Are you looking for a new blog to check out? Maybe get some advice, just connect with another Mommy or a really good story to make you laugh? Well, here at Don't Blink, I have decided to start a Blogger Spotlight! I will be featuring my favorite blogs that I visit frequently. They make me laugh, they offer advice and they deserve a spotlight feature so you can check them out, too! 

Please welcome my dear friend, Ginger from GReads!
Ginger & I have been 'online' friends for quite a while now and share a common thread of loving books (among other things)! She probably could be named as my number one source for book recommendations. I love her dearly and hopefully someday we will actually get to sit down, have a cup of coffee & discuss our favorite book at the moment.I took a few minutes to ask Ginger some questions and here are her lovely answers:

1. Where do you call "home"?
Geographically home would be the fourth largest city in the 2nd largest state.. Houston, TX
:-) but "home" to me is where ever my family is!

2. When did you start blogging?
I started my personal blog in 2008; however I didn't consider myself a "blogger" until I started my book blog GReads! in September of 2010.

{Please, please, PLEASE stop by Gingers awesome book blog, GReads! It's full of fantastic reviews, neat discussions and awesome everything. You won't be disappointed!}

3. Besides blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time?
These days my spare time consists of going to work Monday thru Friday, coming home to my sweet puppy Daisy, studying for classes (I am currently going back to school to be a teacher), and reading A LOT! Since I started my book blog reading has taken up the majority of my free time & I LOVE it!! When I am not lost in a book though, I spend a lot of my time with family.

4. Tell us about your family:
We are a unique bunch. Growing up in a household of four girls, with me being the youngest, there was never a dull moment. Though my sisters and I did not always get along, we still understood each other better than anyone else. I always had a friend there to keep me company. Being alone was never option. They have contributed so much as to who I am today. My father is the next most important person in my life. He has taught me so much about being independent & not being afraid to go after what I want. It never hurts to ask questions & seek answers. Though my family has gone through some pretty tough times, especially when we lost my mother to cancer -- somehow, somewhere we've managed to stick together & lean on one another. I wouldn't know who I am without them.

5. What is the one thing that can bring a smile to your face?
My 2 year old nephew Jude :-) he has brought so much joy to my life! It's amazing to see how much love one can have for such a tiny person. It warms my heart when I hear his little voice say, "Geeeengerrrr" <3!!!!!

6. Who is someone that has made a great impact on your life?
My mother. Her life truly amazes me the older I am getting. I still don't know how she did it all. The loving mother of four girls and the amazing wife to my dad. She was taken from us way too soon, that's for sure. I know she'd be proud of the woman I am today. The impact she had on my life is something I will always carry with me.
 From the littlest decisions, to the biggest.
I am always thinking of her.

7. What do you find is the most fun about blogging?
Since I run a book blog, I find the most joy in recommending an outstanding book to someone and in turn they end up loving it too. It puts the biggest smile on my face when I can talk all things books! Especially those really, really great ones that linger in my mind long after I put the book down.

The people I have met in this community are amazing as well. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few face to face and let me just say.. book lovers are the most sincere people I have ever met.

          8. Where is your favorite place to shop?
Target! I love that I can find everything I need there. Whether it be groceries, clothes, or things for my house. It's a one-stop-shop that I can do serious damage with the credit card in!

9. What are you looking forward to this Summer?
Turning 30 years old! I am so ready for the next decade of my life. I feel like I am done with my 20's. I've gone through the awkward stages of trying to "find myself". I've experienced all types of relationships, good and bad. I am ready to be content with where I am & move forward in a positive direction. I've been told your 30's are the best times of your life -- bring it on!!

10. What do you like to do to pamper/spoil yourself?
BOOKS!! duh :P When I am having a bad day I know a trip to the bookstore will always make it better. There's just something about walking in to a room stacked high with bookshelves, just waiting to be devoured. It's rare I walk out empty handed, but I have been known to do that. What's even better is visiting my Barnes & Noble who has a Starbucks inside, along with Cheesecake Factory desserts!!! That is heaven & hell all in one place!! Ha!

Thank you Tammy for featuring me on your blog :-)I love you to pieces (which you already know this!) and am so proud to call you my dear friend.

Thank YOU, Ginger for taking the time to be a guest blogger.
You know you mean the world to me!

Don't forget.. stop by GReads! to check out the latest in YA books.
This girl knows her stuff.


Be on the lookout for more great Guest Blogger Spotlights coming up!
You won't want to miss it!

Are you interested in becoming a Guest Blogger? I'd love to have you!
Please send me an e-mail at tammy{dot}schaper{at}gmail{dot}com to be featured!


Good Morning! It's Monday again... yay.
How was your weekend?
Ours was pretty good!
Saturday I got a bit of a cleaning bug and cleaned pretty much all day. Scrubbed floors, did laundry, dusted, vacuumed every room, pretty much made the house smell good! I still need to sort thru some clothes (is that job NEVERENDING or what?). Right now our weather is back & forth so I have long sleeves & short sleeves, jeans, shorts, etc. all in the same drawers and some still in containers beside the dressers.. drives me crazy! But all in all.. I felt much better cleaning actually. It was like a breath of fresh air! Ahhhh!

Sunday we had a birthday party to attend for our best friends daughter, Amber. She had it at a little mini-golf place right down the street and the weather was perfect for a little putt putt. The girls actually had fun... even though they mostly just threw the ball into the hole, lol! Their hair looked super cute in braids.. thanks to the talented ME! ha! Here are a few shots from me cell phone:

Lovin' the braids!! I can see this being a favorite summertime hairdo!! 

*I'm sure most of you have also heard the news by now about Bin Laden.
It really is a great day to be an American!*
God Bless the USA. 

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