Monday, June 18, 2012

Laurie & Devyn

You may remember me taking pictures for my good friend, Gina back in December? Her two little girls are ADORABLE! I had such fun with them!

Well, I recently go to take more pictures for her.. yay! I had such a blast, lol. I'm telling you it is SO much more easier to take pictures of other peoples kids, haha. I just say "Let them do as they wish & I will capture it" whereas with mine, I am more like.. "SIT down! No, DO THIS!" and I wind up bribing them with candy? ha!

Anyways.. Thank you Gina for letting me capture Devyn & Laurie's personalities! :)

Jaelyn's Pre-K Graduation

I did a quick post about Jaelyn graduating Pre-K here. But here are a few more pictures and a little background on the day. 

She attends the morning class at her school so at 9:00am they put on a little program about crayons. It was super cute. She was the orange crayon... and what a cute crayon she was. The play was all about how unique & different each crayon is but when they work together, they can create something beautiful. Adorable! 

Here she is "stepping  up" to Kindergarten... yay! Her teacher said very nice things about her and bragged about how much she loved to read. *so proud!*

After her little play, we went back to her class for some refreshments, sandwiches & cake! Yum!
I am very proud! I know she will do just fine in Kindergarten. I can't believe it! When did she grow up so fast??

With Nana & Mom-Mom

With her friends Eliza & Allie

What a cutie....

YAY! I'm a big girl now!!!

Congratulations my little sweet!! ♥