Friday, December 31, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow Happy & Happy New Year!

I haven't posted these snow pictures yet, call me a slacker!
We had a pretty nice snow storm last weekend into Monday. Which meant Mommy got a snow day on Monday, yippee!

I was happy the girls were going to experience snow again, last year Jaelyn loved it but Abbie wasn't all to sure only being a year old. AND, I had actually bought snow suits in hopes they would get to use them!

So after naps on Monday, we layered on the clothes and went out to play.

First, Daddy had to plow the snow and a little pathway for us... Abbie just sat in the bay window looking out... waving at him each time he went by. This picture is just precious to me... it's very rare that Abbie is calm, sitting and just watching anything!

I wasn't sure how Abbie would be this time around but she ran right for the snow not caring how deep it was.  

Jaelyn of course, wanted to make a snowman, a snow angel, have a snowball fight and everything else... no fear, at all!! 

Here she is attempting a snow angel.. haha! 

I remember playing in the snow when I was kid. I'm not sure if it was for hours or maybe just 15 minutes but it was fun just the same. I'm glad my girls are getting to enjoy it, too! Snow is usually hit or miss around here. It seems we go a few Winters with little to no snow and then WHAM! we get hit we it more & more.

We are celebrating the New Year tonight over our good friends house. The girls are tagging along in their pj's to play and will probably be out before the ball drops.

Looking back on 2010 there are a few heartaches I could have done without, but they are all a part  of growing & learning, right? I know 2011 will be a better year and perhaps one of the best to be remembered.

I wish all of you happiness, joy, laughter & love... Happy  New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 of 10

I decided to join in on this fun project of posting my 10 favorite photos from 2010.
Head on over to Amber's Articles and link up to join!

Ok, it was REALLY hard to just pick 10 for me! I could have picked about 10 more and then some... but I narrowed it down to these 10, which also sort of mark significant memories as well.

Happy New Year!

1. Abbie Lynn - this was in early in 2010 -
Abbie was being her adorable little rotten self & I just happened to capture it in a picture. ♥

2.  Jaelyn - Early Spring 2010 - We went over my Sisters to play outside because it was such a beautiful day. I love the colors in this picture (I just got my new camera!).

3. Abbie - SUMMER!! This was the first trip to the beach (for both girls). I love her little pudgy stomach, messed up hair and the serenity of the ocean. I just want to kiss her belly!!

4. Jaelyn - SUMMER!! Again, first trip to the beach and I remember how vividly they both just LOVED it so much! I hope we make many, many more trips this Summer.

5. Jaelyn - Late Summer - I took this picture at a local park. I wanted to get some good shots of the girls with the new camera and for Jaelyn's 3rd Birthday. She is so beautiful!!!

6. Abbie - Late Summer - same day as the above. Abbie isn't easy to get on film as she is so active, constantly running around and can't stop to smile! So, to see her taking a break, looking out like she is contemplating some big decision is a great time to snap a picture.

7. Jaelyn - October 2010 - This was taken at my cousin's wedding. Jaelyn was the flower girl and my oh my what a fabulous job she did! She surprised me with her willingness to pose for pictures, smile and capture everyones heart! ♥

8. Abbie - Fall 2010 - I don't remember the exact date but I know it was fall and my best friend, Brenda had come down for the day to play with the girls & hang out. I snapped this in the backyard and instantly fell in love with my lil cupcake all over again!

9. Abbie & Jaelyn - Winter 2010 - Christmas Card Photo Session! So hard to get them both in the same place, sitting perfectly and smiling so I pretty much gave up on that idea and decided to just let them do whatever & capture some randoms. This was on our Christmas card as I thought they both looked like little angels!

10. Abbie - December 2010 - Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby girl! I love her little crooked smile, haha! What a perfect way to end our 2010 - celebrating her!

Like I said, I could have chosen a ton more pictures but I tried to pick one from every season that marked something special for us. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings and you can be sure I will be snapping away to capture every moment!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordish Wednesday

Christmas was so much fun this year. The girls were really into opening presents and the smiles on their faces when they ripped off the paper to see what was magically hidden inside was worth every minute spent on wrapping it!

We didn't go tooooo crazy this year as we buy throughout the year and I really don't want Christmas to be all about presents for the girls. I do want them to learn the real meaning and reason behind it all.

My family came over on Christmas Eve so our house was pretty full. I love having everyone there, just sitting & talking, watching all of the kids aggravate play nicely together. They open their presents from all of us with big smiles on their faces. We all munch on some food, have a drink or twenty two and just enjoy the evening.

My Mom gave all the grandkids a pillow pet which they all just love & adored. Abbie may or may not have just opened hers and threw it down but I know in her heart she just thought it was the greatest thing ever! (lol!)

After my family left, Daddy went to lay with Abbie to settle her down. She was quite hyper & excited from the events. Jaelyn and I put out cookies & milk for Santa. She asked me why we were leaving him cookies so I told her that he gets a little hungry while delivering presents to all of the good kids so he needed a snack. She was ok with that, and after telling the Kitty he was NOT to drink the milk because it was for Santa she happily went to bed. Both girls were out in less than 10 minutes!

Santa stopped by to fill the stockings (which I completely forgot to capture.. d'oh!) and leave presents under the tree. He was not however, happy to put together that baby daycare center pictured which took a little more time than expected AND it's not exactly a favorite toy right now as it just falls apart whenever its played with. That is seriously going back to the store, quickly.

The next morning, the girls were very happy & surprised to see the cookies gone, the milk drank and lots of presents to open! It took a little longer than I expected. I think mostly because they wanted to play with everything they unwrapped instead of seeing what was in the next packaged. But, we made it thru all of the gifts and then our living room looked like Toys-R-Us threw up in it! Oh dear.

My Mom & Dad came to visit shortly after breakfast to bring MORE presents... a tent, a kitchen set, a shopping cart ... thanks, Mom. lol! No really, the girls do love ALL of it! After lots of playing, Daddy putting together the kitchen, watching a few movies and finally getting dressed we headed over to my Mother-In-Laws for dinner, which was delicious!

It was a great evening & day surrounded by family and I wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe longer naps (not just for the girls but for me, too!!)

I hope your Christmas was just as memorable... here is to the New Year! Can you believe it will be 2011 already???

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PINT - Christmas, Snow, New Year

Yes, the past 4 days were filled with lots of movie watching, lots of eating everything in the house, lots of looking out the window, lots of hearing "Can we go play in the snow?". I wouldn't trade any of it, memories in the making. But, I am happy to be at work today where it is somewhat quiet.

I'd like to thank Santa Claus for bringing more toys that I have to pick up! Just remember pay backs big man...

I am more than ready to take down the decorations. Yes, they are pretty but I need the room back in order and things where they should be. Blame my OCD!

At least there are only 3 days to work this week... then it's on to drinking a few drinks with friends, watching the girls play quietly on the basement floor of said friends (haha!) and just relaxing for the weekend again.

Here is to 2011!!!

I did manage to capture this adorable moment of the girls watching their Daddy plow the driveway of snow. They would wave everytime he passed the window, which had to be about 100 times!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

To all my followers, friends & family...

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordish Wednesday - Gingerbread Magic

Along with the birthday party over the weekend we also slipped in some time to make a Gingerbread house with the girls. They enjoyed putting candy all over the house and even sampled a piece or twenty. lol!

(the yummy candy)

(Jaelyn is very particular about where the candy should go. However, Abbie really didn't care as she just watched)

(I like how you can see Abbie sampling MORE candy in the background!)

(this picture just makes me laugh... Abbie is reaching for more candy and Jaelyn is like "hey, I want some too!")  

(The beautiful masterpiece. Ok, so it's not exactly cute country cottage but hey, its unique!)

No matter the mess, the candy high afterwards, the icing everywhere... what a great memory we made. ♥

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sunday was Abbie's 2nd Birthday Party. It was a cold day but thankfully, no snow!
Friends & family gathered at our local fire hall (where Daddy happens to volunteer) to celebrate the joyous occasion.

The Birthday Girl was spiffy from head to toe, complete with her pink fuzzy boots!


Aunt Jo made the birthday cake. It wasn't so easy finding a Barney to go on top either, let me tell ya!

But in the end, it turned out adorable and everyone enjoyed a piece.  

I love the crooked, sweet smile!

All of the kids showed their artistic side with some painting.

Abbie mostly concentrated on rinsing her brush out...

The rest of the festivities included a pinata, bouncy balls flying everywhere and a few short games of Red Robin & Simon Says!

Abbie was not really a happy camper when it came time to sing Happy Birthday but she was soon over that as she ripped off the paper to some presents!

Everyone had a fun day...

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!
(dirty face & all!)