Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kooky Critters Giveaway

  Introducing Kooky Critters!

I contacted Holly at Kooky Critters as soon as I came across her cute shop on Etsy. These little critters are just adorable and I knew I had to feature them here on the blog to share!

Here is a little more about Holly & Kooky Critters:
started Kooky Critters a while back when my friends and family finally convinced me to turn my hobby for creating quirky plushies into a small business. I have so much fun making these goofy little guys and crack up each time I finish one. My kiddos love giving their input on each new creation and often times have trouble giving their new plush friends up!
I hope they crack you up too!

I custom make my Critters from my own unique patters, carefully creating him or her for each individual customer.

I love using the buttons we find in my grandmother's button box on our creations. It makes each Critter truly unique!

Here are just a few of the extremely cute 'critters' in the shop:

Adorable, right? I know!

Holly was kind enough to send me Miss Abigail Applesauce, a tooth fairy pillow to review. I have to tell you, as soon as I opened the package I immediately fell in love with this adorable little critter girl. She is so cute, very well made, and easy to love. She is plush, soft & the colors really POP out at you! You can tell she was made with love & care. Her little pocket is perfect to hold that new lost tooth in hopes of something good being replaced with it by morning. My girls fell in love with it at the drop of a hat! I may need to purchase another one REAL soon.  Thank you so much, Holly for allowing me & my girls to review this adorable critter!

and now for the best part!
Holly has agreed to GIVEAWAY a mini tooth fairy pillow to one of my lucky readers!
YAY! Awesomeness!  Even more awesome,  I am going to make this super easy to win!

Just go to Kooky Critters and leave me a comment ON THIS BLOG telling me which is your favorite critter in the shop. That's it!

Contest ends on May23rd... So get to it.. leave me a message, spread the word and GOOD LUCK!!!

Wordish Wednesday: Bee Happy

I have shared these on facebook and maybe a couple on Instagram, so if you've seen them already, sorry! 
These were from a couple weeks ago, it was a nice day out and I finally decided to get my big girl camera out, haha. It's so, so very easy to just snap pics with my iPhone anymore. 

Anyways, the message of the day is: Bee Happy! 
I couldn't agree more.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What? It's May?/Adoption-type Question

Seriously, when did this happen. How did it get to be MAY already? Holy Moses! This month is such a great month for me though (yes, I am being a little selfish!). There is Mother's Day, yippee! The one year anniversary of our adoption, yippee and my birthday, yippee! So yeah, exciting stuff! Hubby better be out shopping a ton (haha, just kidding!). 

We have been somewhat busy around here, hence my lack of posts. I really need to sometimes take a step back. I want to 'take back' my blog so to speak. I get so tied up in making daily post & joining in with others and linking up that I get exhausted with it. This blog is mine for me to blog about my family and capture moments with my camera to share. So, you might not be seeing to much more linking up but just plain & simple posts from here on out! Besides, I want something to share with my daughters someday so its not about how great my pictures look, what I did on Tuesday, who I linked up with. It's about having something to look back on & smile! 

Recently Jaelyn's teacher sent a note home that we were to send in a baby picture. I admit, I panicked a little. Jaelyn's baby pictures for me start at 16 months when she was brought to us. I can easily access some baby pictures of her but here is my question to some of you readers (please, please, please tell me what you think! I want to hear it!)... should I print out some of those baby pictures (yes, I have them saved) or should I go ahead and send in a picture of when her life with us began at 16/17 months? Technically that is still a 'baby' to me. What do you think? The word adoption floats around our house and we have several books that I sometimes read to the girls but it's not a deep discussion as of yet because well, I'm not sure at 3 & 4 they will fully comprehend it. So, it is more or less and introduction right now. Anyways, should I send the baby pictures (say 4 months old) or send the others?  

If you are an adoptive Mom, I'd love to hear more about when & how you approached this topic with your children. I have no fears of telling them, at all. I just want to do it delicately and at the right time.

And because I think you need to see their cute faces.. some recent iPhone pics!