Monday, June 28, 2010

Prayers Requested

We have a rough month or so coming up. I know God will see us through it as he brought us to it but a little help from friends never hurts. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers. I cannot tell you how very much they are appreciated. ♥

Compliance Review - 7/2/2010
Mediation - 8/2/2010

Both of these are consuming most of my thoughts right now. It's always hard to not know what will happen or the 'unknown' so-to-speak. However, Jaelyn & Abbie are with us right now and both of them wake up with smiles on their faces, they are in good health and they certainly fill my heart with an overabundance of love. THAT is what matters most. THAT is what will see us through along with the love & support from everyone.