Friday, July 22, 2011

What's that? It's Friday again? Yay!

All I will say is, it's been a week at work.
One of those weeks where I want to bang my head on my desk over & over again.
Luckily, I have walked out the door and left all that work stress sitting right on my desk and NOT taking it home with me. (applause, please)

Happenings at home:
♥ Abbie has been in panties all week, even at night - not one accident. NOT ONE!
(let's hope I didn't just jinx myself, haha!)
♥ Jaelyn has responded well to the chalkboard I hung up. She gets a star or heart when she listens, doesn't complain about dinner, picks up toys, etc. 
Visuals seems to work well with her.
♥ Hubby showed me the plans for the daycare center. It's so neat to see it all drawn up professionally! I can't wait!
♥ It's hot.
♥ We have a graduation party tomorrow. I think we are going to roast.
♥ I have a day off next week... BEACH DAY!
♥ Had my eyes checked last night. There was no change. Whew.
♥ I actually have a jean skirt on today. Not sure why this is relevant but I felt the need to share because I rarely, if ever wear skirts.

Some fun stuff:
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Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

○○ Tuscanycreative {!!Giveaway!!} ○○

I'd like to introduce all of you to a new shop I recently discoverd on

Katie Bordignon the  is the Owner of Tuscanycreative.
Here is a little blurb about her from her profile on etsy:

I spent the first part of my career teaching third graders for about 10 years. Once I had my second child I decided to leave teaching so I could raise my daughter and son. With lots of creative energy to spare I started making fun and cute things for my six year old daughter Tuscany, my 2 year old son Agostino and my nieces in NYC. That's when I knew I was really onto something special and decided to open my own store. Now I get to share all my creations with you! I have been in business for about a year and a half and have sent my goodies to children in 40 states as well as 2 countries outside the Unites States. I also sell my creations in boutiques in New York City, Massachusetts and in the suburbs of Chicago.

Katie has some BEAUTIFUL things in her shop that I just adore!
Everything from hair accessories to toys to school supplies to bibs.
If you haven't stopped to take a quick look at her shop, do it now!

Here are some of my favorite things she offers:

{Momma Owl and her Babies - stuffed toy}

{Whale Stuffed Toy}

{Personalized Crayon Holder}

{Baby Chick Ponytail Holders}

{Pretty Pink Flower Headband}

{Fairy Princess Bib}

Are they not the cutest ever??
And here's the best part...
Katie has graciously agreed to do a GIVEAWAY for my lovely readers!
I'm jealous of all of you who get to enter!

One lucky winner will receive a set of these very cute owl ponytail holders.
Perfect for that back to school look, don't ya think?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Want to know Wednesdays

Super cute meme
hosted by Mamarazzi and Queso!
Be sure to stop by their blogs
& join in the fun...
you know you wanna!
{1} What would you do with an extra $1000 a month?
I'd get a housekeeper. Seriously, come do stuff for me while I slave away at work, please! I will gladly pay you!!!
{2} What category of blogger do you think you best fall under?
A Mommy blogger that brags about her kids, takes too many pictures & feels the need to share them all while avoiding what I should be doing while blogging! Yep!
{3} What is your go to solution when you are having a bad hair day?
Take a few bobby pins and pin that crap back out of my face, call it a day.
{4} If you were a Crayon, what color would you be?
Pink - listen, I have to girls... that is the color I will end up being anyways!
{5} They say love is in the little things. What is a little thing someone does to show you love?
My darling husband cooks dinner nearly every single night. That counts as a little thing doesn't it? If not, then he makes sure I have ice packs in my lunch bag so my lunch isn't warm when it comes time to eat it. ♥ That is TRUE LOVE!

WW: Summerfun!

It's hot here. Like, seriously hot.
You walk outside and immediately feel the heat slap you right in the face.
It's not pleasant. At all!
I believe we are suppose to hit the 100s today.
No, that is not heat index. That is actual heat!
I would kiss the person who invented air conditioning if I ever met them!

I have not been inspired with my camera lately. Fail!
But, I do manage to snap some fun things with my phone.
I am looking into an iPhone as my current contract expires on 8/1.
I love seeing pictures people take with their iPhones and so I want one.

Anyways.. on Saturday we were at my Brother's house pretty much all day
floating around in his pool, hanging out, playing, and lots of other stuff.
The girls enjoyed a nice cool popsicle with the boys.
It was 'yummy' I was told.

Their Uncle Bubby also took them for a ride on the golf cart.
They literally giggled the entired time.

I enjoyed a little 'treat' myself poolside.
It was also 'yummy'.. ha.

Wordish Wednesday  The Paper Mama    

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PINT -- Changes

Only Parent Chronicles

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