Friday, January 13, 2012


I love me some Instagram! 
I'm linking up with Life Rearranged for some InstaFriday fun!
Join in with me! 

life rearranged 

We've been having warm weather here so we take advantage of it & go to the park for some fun!

My two beautiful girls LOVE hats! And I love how cute they look in them... :)

I love when the girls share & play nice together!
We got a little dusting of snow.. Abbie wanted to walk in it.
Kissy Face!

Red Crayon - I'm doing a Photo a Day challenge for January.
Funny License Plates I saw!
Pretty Blue Sky!

Happy, Happy Friday!!!
*does a happy friday dance*
Anyone have some exciting weekend plans?
We have a tea party on Sunday that I'm rather excited about.. should be cute!
Have a great one! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordish Wednesday : Brett & Ashley

As promised, here are more photos of Brett & Ashley!
Such a cute couple, we had so much fun. 
I loved capturing all of their little moments when I said "Ok, KISS!" 
I can't wait to see their baby girls sweet little face.

Wordish Wednesdays Links: The Paper Mama, Project Alicia,


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Another shot from my maternity shoot with my friends on Sunday.
I think this is pretty "sweet" as you can just see the love on their faces,
which will carry over into their parenting, no doubt.

I promise to show off more of these tomorrow so stay tuned! ♥

Sweet Shot Day  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Favorite Photo Monday

I had a little photo session with some friends yesterday who are expecting....
I had so much fun with them. They are going to be wonderful parents very soon!
This was one of my favorite pictures of the day.
Even though you can't see their beautiful faces, it's still pretty awesome!



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You legitimately have to tag 11 people (list who you tagged).

11 Random Things:
1. I hate celery.
2. I am addicted to my iPhone.
3. I love books!
4. I like to take pictures.
5. I could spend all day looking at blogs.
6. I must have flavored creamer in my coffee.
7. I need a cup of coffee everyday.
8. My Daughters make me laugh hysterically.
9. I say 'whatever' too much.
10. I forgive easily. Not sure about the forgetting part....
11. I prefer my hangers being all the same way in my closet.


1.) Which do you prefer, movie theatre or dvd's?
dvd's! I'd rather be in my pj's & comfy.

2.) What is your favorite food/meal?
Hmmm.. this is tough. I'm not really picky. I guess if I had to pick,
I'd say seafood of any kind!

3.) Have you made any resolutions for 2012?
No, I did jot down a few 'goals' for myself though.
I refuse to do resolutions, I will just end up breaking them!

4.) Do you have a favorite childhood memory?
Camping every Summer with my entire family. ♥

5.) How many siblings do you have, if any?
2 - A  younger brother & a younger sister. Love them dearly!

6.) Where is the most exciting place you have traveled? why?
Europe! I went the Summer of my 10th grade year in high school with a program
called American Music Abroad. It was high schools from the Eastern Coast made into a bad to tour Europe.
I was in the 'color guard' section of the band twirling flags, shaking pom - pom's, you get the idea. Awesome experience!

7.) What do you like to do for fun?
Have coffee with my bff, take pictures, play with my daughters.

8.) What is your favorite tv show?
Mike & Molly or Big Bang Theory - both crack me up!

9.) What was your favorite gift that you recieved this year?
(I'm going to go with 2011 since we are only on day 4 of 2012)
The adoption of my daughters. ♥

10.) How long have you been blogging?
Hmmm... since 2009 but I've really blossomed in the past year.

11.) What was the best thing that happened to you in 2011?
See #9!! By far!! :)


My 11 Questions:
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5. Favorite snack food?
6. What is your dream job?
7. Any Summer vacation plans?
8. Eggs or Egg Whites?
9. If you had to recommend a good book to read, it would be ______?
10. What is your favorite past time?
11. Tell me a quirk about yourself!



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