Monday, March 29, 2010

Alphabet Soup & Bottles

So my little Abbie will be 16 months in April, so hard to believe. All weekend long she decided to sing the alphabet. Well, her version of it which only goes up to G. When she first started singing it I looked at her like, "Did you just sing the alphabet?". It's true, I never know what to expect! So, she would start the alphabet and make it all the way to G and then I helped her finish it. We took a ride to Walmart yesterday and throughout the entire store she kept singing it over and over, until of course someone walked by and she had to greet them with an enthusiastic "HI" and waved. By the time she dozed off to sleep last night I think we sang the alphabet near 500 times! On the way to daycare this morning she would get the key letters like.. P... T... V.. and Z! So cute! I'm amazed at how well she is starting to talk and express herself. It's so hard to believe that a year ago she was so dependent on me and her way of communicating was smiling.

Also, she only had 1 bottle all day yesterday. ONE BOTTLE! Yippee!! I thought she might be going to kindergarten with a bottle in her backpack, haha. But she is coming around and likes to drink out of the big girl cup like her sissy. I estimate that in another month she just might be on a cup completely. How nice that will be! But then again, another sign that she is growing up. *sigh*

It's so true... don't blink or you really will miss something.