Friday, November 12, 2010


I am quite happy its finally Friday! YAY!
It's been a pretty rough week or so around our house... the girls were sick, hubby & I were sick. Now we are dealing with runny noses and don't even get me started on what the time change did (extra hour of sleep? RIGHT!).

There really isn't much planned for the weekend. Jaelyn has dance tomorrow morning and then my very good friend, Brenda is coming down our way for a visit. I'm excited to catch up with her!

And now for a little Friday Blog Hopping fun!!

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    More Time Needed

There just are not enough hours in the days for me! Sometimes I just feel like if I had a few extra hours I could go so much more accomplished. I enjoy being a working Mom (nothing against those of you who aren't!), I enjoy my job for the most part but when I get home it's like the evening zooms by! My Hubby, the wonderful man that he is, cooks dinner mostly every single night and we will share clean-up duties. But usually after dinner is when my guilt kicks in... do I go manage some laundry? Do I clean up the house a bit? Put away last weeks folded clothes that are still on the washer? But then if I do I feel so mad at myself for not just sitting down and playing with Jaelyn & Abbie for a little bit before bath & bed time. Hubby & I also share bath time - and then after baths we all settle down in the living room to watch Barney or Caillou or whatever the girls choose for the night. They are both normally in bed before 8:30pm - don't ask how I got so lucky. The funny part is they will ASK to go to bed! After they are in bed, I can usually do a few things but then I also want a little hubby time and time to unwind myself maybe with a book or one of my favorite tv shows. I guess I just need to find a happy balance somehow and not feel so guilty because at the end of the day as long as I hear "I love you, Mommy. Good night".. everything is right in the world! 

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Check me out!

I am featured over at Grandma Sez So!
I am so honored & truly feel like a celebrity, haha!
No really, does this earn me an awesome parking space or anything?

Just kidding!

Thank you for the awesome feature. I will try not to let it go to my head!

Please stop over to check out Grandma Sez So & her really cute blog! While you are there, join in on the fun blog hops, check out her reviews, etc.


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Toddler Talk Thursdays

Welcome to week 15 of Toddler Talk Thursday! Where Family and Life in Las Vegas, Crazy about my Baybah, and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom Talk all things Toddler!

Toddler Talk Thursday was created as a place for Moms and Dads of toddlers to come together over a weekly topic and share ideas, go-to toys, or products. It is a great way to meet other bloggers of toddlers. Each week the topic will be different; we invite you to link up, share your weekly Toddler Talk!!

This week’s topic is : 4 Favorite Pictures

Well, to make it a little easier I picked 2 pictures of each of my girlies. But wow, I sure do take LOTS of pictures, haha! I pretty much think they are ALL my favorite but these top the list:

This is Jaelyn when she was 20 months old.
OH MY WORDS.. do you see why I fell in love with her immediately??
She has the face of an Angel!

This is Jaelyn now - at 3 years old. HAHA... I snapped this picture when we were at the park taking pictures for her birthday. I think she was say "Ok Mommy, enough pictures now. Can I pleaaassseee go play on the swings?" TOO CUTE!

This little chubbers is my dear sweet Abbie at 7 months old. LOOK at that face, will you? We were on our way to the Ocean City Boardwalk. I could just eat those legs!

This is Abbie from this past July - at 17 months. She still has the same chubby cute face and beautiful blue eyes! I can't believe how long her hair has gotten though and how very much she follows in her big Sister's footsteps! (literally!)

I love looking back on these pictures! What great memories I have and how awesome that I can remember the exact day I took them and what we were doing or where we were going.

Showing a litte love to SHUTTERFLY! ♥

I remember a time before we had Jaelyn & Abbie when I would joyfully open the Christmas cards we would receive from family, friends & the likes. Most of the cards had pictures of all their littles ones, showing off their cute faces along with some adorable messages for a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I would smile & sigh at the same time, filling out my cards with hearts & smiley faces wishing I could at least include a picture of our doggie, Spike.

Nowadays, I can't decide WHICH picture I want to put my adorable little girls faces on! There are so very many to choose from. I couldn't wait to flip thru the pages on Shutterfly to check out this years cards. They have such a great selection and so many cute cards, I have no idea how you narrow it down!

I think I have finally decided that these two happen to be my favorites. Mostly because of the sayings on them & the meanings behind them. They are both kind of simple but sweet, in my opinion.

This is the front runner right now... how perfect are those words?
But I do love the simplicty of this one...  

Which one do you like best??

The fun part will be to get at least one good shot of BOTH of my girls in the same picture, which I am going to attempt very soon. Otherwise, I might be back on Shutterfly to check out the collage photo cards!

Have you picked out your cards yet? If not, be sure to stop over at Shutterfly and have a look at all of the fabulous cards! They have Christmas Cards, Holiday Cards, Christmas Photo Cards, New Years Cards and many more! You can surely find something to tickle your fancy!

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordish Wednesday

  Abbie getting reading to go down the slide! I love that I could capture her anticipating facial expression! I turned the photo black & white because I just think sometimes those colors are timeless, just like her adorable little face.

Jaelyn being a big girl & helping Daddy with the BIG rake! I'm not sure when she became so independent or how I missed it, so when she wants to cuddle up with Mommy on the couch after Sissy has gone to bed, I soak it all up!

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