Friday, February 24, 2012


Hello Sweet Friday.
I love you. 
Are you guys tired of hearing about my 4-day weekend? Well, sorry but I have to brag one more time because it's SO GREAT to only have to work 3 days as a result of it. YES! I could get used to this.

I haven't done InstaFriday in a few weeks so I thought I'd join in today. 
I just downloaded some awesome new apps (thanks to Mrs. Stephanie T - go check out her cool post on apps for your iPhone to make your pics look awesome!). What was I saying? Oh, so yeah.. now that I have these cool apps maybe next weeks pic will be a little more colorful. :D 
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Happy Friday!

life rearranged 

I was trying to be a romantic on Valentine's Day with the Hubby /// What he got me. What a sweetie.

Lunch with some lovely ladies /// Please Touch Museum! /// Cowgirl Boots /// Snuggles

2 new apps!! Diptic // Phoster - really cool!

Hey, since you are here... go enter my GIVEAWAY. You could win a lovely bar of soap from Coast Mountain Company. Yummy!! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness

  Mrs Stephanie T
The beautiful Mrs. Stephanie T is hosting a new link-up every week called Little Bits of Happiness. She and all of us, want to hear what has made YOU happy this week! So hop on over, link-up and share in the happiness. Couldn't we all use a little more of that anyways?
Here are some little things that made me happy this week... I am so blessed. ♥
These are from my iPhone.. I really need to pick up my big girl camera & stop it.

Girl Scout cookies///Puzzle Concentration = quiet time///Nice weather at the park!///Reading with Pop-Pop///Lunch with some lovely ladies.

Ahh. Happiness.


Giveaway: Coast Mountain Soap

Introducing, Coast Mountain Soap! A lovely etsy shop featuring some very cute, very yummy smelling, adorable soaps. I had the pleasure of conversing with shop owner, Chantel to bring you guys some great information about her company & to offer something special!

Coast Mountain Soap Company is owned and operated by Chantel from my home studio in Port Coquitlam, BC Canada. I'm a self-taught soap maker and I handcraft a variety of natural soap products, from artisan bars and baby soap to bath bombs and lotions.

My products contain only high quality natural ingredients to produce moisturizing & gentle natural skin care products. Every day I find inspiration to try out new recipe ideas and the best part about soap making is there are no limitations to how creative you can be.

Chantel was so very sweet & sent me a few soaps to try out, review & write about! First of all, she was so kind and helpful with picking out soaps. Sometimes it is hard to get a feel for people through e-mail but Chantel was one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure of conversing with!

She sent me 2 soaps to sample... the first was for my girls. It was an adorable little bunny soap from her Farm Friends collection.

Make bath time fun with adorable bunny, baby chick, puppy, and cow soaps. These cute bath time farm friends have a delicate creamy lather that will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished after each use. They are made with my gentle goat's milk and kosher vegetable based glycerin with a hint of a light and sweet baby powder scent.

My girls loved this soap! They were happy to get in the bath & use their bunny soap! Plus, it smelled soooo good and actually made bath time fun. We still have some of the soap left, he is a little bunny now but I love lathering them up in it! I highly recommend this soap to all of you with little ones. 

The second soap was all for me. YAY!

I smell cupcakes! With natural shea butter icing and a natural vegetable based glycerin bottom you may have to display a do not eat sign. These Kosher vegetable based glycerin and shea butter cupcake soaps comes in three adorable colours: Pink, purple, and blue.

This soap. OH yeah! First of all, it looks like a cupcake. Who wouldn't love that? Secondly, it smells divine. It made my skin so soft feeling and smooth. I may have been just as excited as the kids to go take a shower with this soap, haha! It was awesome. I may just be ordering more of these in the very near future!

Now, for YOUR chance to try out something from Coast Mountain Soap!
Chantel kindly sent me a bar of vegan soap to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!
Here is how to enter:

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The winner will be notified via e-mail & has 24 hours to respond. If no response is received, a new winner will be chosen.


Please Touch Museum

I mentioned yesterday that I had taken Tuesday off to make my holiday weekend a four-day weekend. YAY! We were lovingly given a gift certificate to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. We had been there one other time last year. Oh look, I found that post HERE from the last time we visited!

I have to say, this time was MUCH easier with the girls. Abbie is 3 and Jaelyn is 4 - perfect ages. They were able to play with everything, touch everything & had a blast. I took all of these with my iPhone because well, sometimes you just need to PLAY & HAVE FUN instead of worrying about snapping every picture possible. Plus, these are perfectly fine pictures to capture a few of our favorite moments!

I took this shot going over the bridge of Philadelphia. Then I played around with it & made it look all funky. I think it's neat!

Abbie sitting on a big goose! She loved the nest and even help build one so her 'baby goose' would be all nice & cozy.

Jaelyn was pumping gas. I tried telling her Jersey Girls don't pump gas but she looked cute enoughd doing it. They also washed this car, beeped the horn, tried out the wipers.. pretty funny.

This was a gigantic magnet wall. There were huge magnets in those red bins that the girls stuck on the wall being creative & making their own little art!

This was so funny! They could put space suits on too but didn't care to, they were looking at themselves on the screen as well which is why they are looking down. Jaelyn get saying.. "Look I'm in space!" haha.

This just makes me laugh. haha!

They loved the carousel ride! :)

We had so much fun! Such a tiring day. I think Mommy & Daddy may have been a little more worn out then they were by the time we got home! So happy they enjoy it though. The smiles on their faces are priceless!! If you are around the Philadelphia area and have little ones, I highly recommend going here! You'll love it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WW: Boots

  Feels like forever since I've posted! Ahhh!
Guess that just means life is busy, which is does get that way sometimes.
I had Monday off for the President's Day holiday &
 I took yesterday off to make it a 4-day weekend, woohoo!
We took the girls to the Please Touch Museum in Phildelphia, they had SUCH a blast! So fun!
I will share those pictures another day... but for today, I am sharing my sassy little 3 year old Abbie in her boots that she has been begging to wear for about a week now. She even said "Mommy, take my picture" and put her hand on her hip. haha! She is too much!

If you follow me on instagram (tamylyn0513) you may have seen this already...
but it's too cute not to share!

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