Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I just wanted to personally thank my friend, Ginger for helping make my blog look beautiful! She made that header up there you see all matched up to the pretty, pretty background. Isn't she awesome! If you need help with your blog, let me know and I might just be able to talk her into it.

Thanks Ginger... you rock! Love you, girl!

Abbie had her 15 month well visit with the doctor last night. She had to get a shot in each leg and was not a happy camper. It makes me so upset that she is upset and I have to watch her sad little face with tears running down it all the while Daddy is holding her arms down so she doesn't smack the doctor in the head. All I wanted to do was cry right along with her!! After she was done, I snatched her off the table and she hugged me while I hugged her and that made everything much better. She was in a good mood this morning so I hope she makes it through Daycare today without any breakdowns. I told them she just got shots so she might be a little irritable and get a slight fever. Perhaps secretly I am hoping for a phone call so I can come home & snuggle with her, lol. My poor baby!

On a side note, Jaelyn was as happy as could be smiling the whole time & said "BYE" to everyone in the office. We'll see how happy she is to be back there in August when it's her turn, lol!