Friday, May 28, 2010

Please Touch Museum

This Monday we had an appointment with DYFS to have the house inspected. This happens yearly and I think this was our 3rd year? I had already had the day off for my birthday and since the girls needed to be present during the inspection, we decided after the inspection we would do something fun!

We took the girls to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It was fantastic! The girls enjoyed every minute of it. What was so great for us parents is that you don't have to worry about them running off & getting into something they shouldn't because that's exactly what they are suppose to do!!

Alice in Wonderland's room of doors. Abbie LOVED this little room! She played in there well after her sister was off discovery more things.

Taking a ride on a sailboat. It moved up & down as you turned the wheel.

Making a little music on the big piano.

Inside a bird's nest. I love Jaelyn's ballet pose!

Playing in the water with boats & rubber duckies!

Going thru the big space tube.

Hanging around some hangers.

What a fun day!