Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't really have much to blog about recently. The girls have been doing very well. Abbie is nearly 19 months (how did that happen?) and talking up a storm! Believe it or not I may actually start potty training her. She tells me now when she goes 'poopie' and wants to follow Jaelyn to go potty so why not give it a try? I would certainly have NO PROBLEM with NO MORE DIAPERS!!!! I have some spare pull-ups from the days of training Jaelyn so I do believe within the next week or so I may give it a go. She does seem to be smart enough to know, thats for sure! She is so active and on the go that most days I don't know how she doesn't crash during dinner. She sings the alphabet song all the way through now, she sings other songs and emphasizes on the key words which just cracks me up! She has her own personality totally seperate from her sister and everyday a little more comes out.

Jaelyn is a little more reserved (on most days!). She seems to want to cuddle more, hug more and just be around Chris & I more in general. I suppose that is par for the course. I can only imagine she may not have received much of that and given Abbie has had that attention, Jaelyn loves it now. She is about to turn 3 next month so we are planning her birthday party little by little. It will be small in comparison to last year which was more or less so everyone could meet her & her sister. This years party is Minnie Mouse themed since she is totally obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now! I will share more on that later.

We've been spending some time at my Brother's house since they just got a new pool. It's lovely and the company is too! Jaelyn is quite the little fish. She will have a life vest & swimmies on and just go about her way. She even gets brave enough to jump off the ladder by herself. Abbie isn't quite ready to go on her own but she does try. I think she is still too little so I'm sure I hold onto her a little more.

We are planning a trip to the boardwalk soon with our best friends, Markie & Liza and their daughter, Amber who my girls just adore. I'm sure it will be fun with rides, boardwalk food and lots of laughs! We always have a good time together whether its just sitting around talking or going out.

In the fall, there is a big wedding coming up and Jaelyn is the flower girl. I'm so excited! We have picked out her dress and she looks adorable in it. She enjoyed walking around in it at the store and even showed off a bit in the mirror. Hopefully she makes the walk down the aisle!

Mediation is coming up on August 2nd. I wish I knew what to expect but all along everything has been unexpected so I can't imagine it being any different. I do hope to get more answers, perhaps more peace of mind too.

As of now, we are enjoying our Summer, trying to stay cool and having fun while doing all of it! ♥