Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why.. Hellllloooooo!!!

How are all of you in blog land?? I've missed youuuuu!!!

Life has been busy as usual. I'm still wondering when I became the Mom of a 4 and 5 year old. WHAT? ha! They sure do keep me going and I love it! :) 

My photography has evolved a bit... I'm still wondering how that happened too! It's so nice to be recognized and have people wanting me to capture their memories. Who knew when I bought my camera that I would enjoy it so much? 

We had a rough start to the new year, losing Nana, my Mother-in-Law and just an all around wonderful woman. Those who follow me on Instagram & Facebook more than likely saw how very heartbroken we all were, and still are. She was such a special lady and is dearly missed every single day. 

We will more than likely be moving before Fall into a "new to us" house. There are still decisions to be made and some tweaking but I'm excited. The daycare might ACTUALLY be finished (I won't say too much so it is not jinxed!). 

Other than that, life is pretty normal... the girls are starting SOCCER next month & I can hardly wait! I'm sure I will take lots of pictures.. and maybe even post some! 

That's all for now.. just a quick update! 
Love to you all!

and just because every post should have a picture... here is one of the little cutie I had the pleasure of shooting this morning. Isn't he a doll??