Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abbie!!!

Dear Abbie,

Wow, you are 3 today!!! What happened to my little baby girl? Ya know, the one that needed me for everything, the one who cried at 3am for a bottle, the one who wrapped her fingers around mine while taking her first steps, the one who held onto my leg & acted shy around strangers? Where did she go?

Don't tell anyone but, you will always be my little baby girl. Although the things you need me for may change, I do hope you will always need me.

You are so independent right now. You like to try to dress yourself, go potty like a big girl, never shed a tear when I drop you off at daycare, listen well (most of the time), help your Big Sister clean up toys. Oh are you ever the entertainer! You love putting on a show, dressing up, standing on top of some sort of box and belting out your favorite tune. At the moment ii's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You even add in the extra lines of "like a lightbulb and like Columbus" which completely cracks me up!!

You are quite the little artist but could you keep it to the paper & not my walls, please!? You know how to write your name with almost no help. You can count to just about 20 and know all the abc's.

You cannot get enough of Wow Wow Wubbzy right now and let me tell you, I just about tolerate him and his Wuzzelburg friends anymore! You also like Dora, Mickey Mouse, Olivia & Peppa.

Your favorite food is pretty much anything that is put in front of you. You really are not a picky eater at all & will try anything at least once. You are a chocolate milk freak... we need a cow in the backyard. You know you are allergic to peanut butter & often ask "does that have peanut butter in it?". You don't complain about it though & will gladly eat carrot sticks instead ( ok, those may be a favorite!).

You love your Sissy, your Mommy, your Daddy & your Kitty which you tell me every night as I tuck you into bed, along with "Nite Nite Mommy. See you when the sun comes up!".

You light up my world & make it a better place my dear daughter. You touch the hearts of everyone you meet with your infectious smile & laughter. I am so proud to be your Mommy. Now, stop growing up so fast would you?

Happy Birthday my beautiful Abbie! It's your day to shine!

I love you,