Friday, January 20, 2012


Happpppyyyyy Friiiiiidaaaaayyyyy!!!!
Yes, I'm happy it is yet again, the weekend.
It seems like this week kind of took forever. Not sure why. Just one of those weeks!

Last night wasn't a good night, Jaelyn had a bad day at school. Apparently she felt she could tell other kids what to do & say and not listen to her teacher. Oh this girl, her "smart mouth" is going to get her in so much trouble! She learns things the hard way it seems. She wasn't allowed to play with her leappad, watch any tv shows & went to bed early. Hopefully that all sunk in & today is better! She said she would apologize to her teacher today so I was happy to hear that.

Abbie's teacher has been out all week at daycare. Her baby girl was sick so she didn't have a good week either. Abbie hasn't been all too fond of going in & being her jolly self this week so when she saw Mrs. Jessie's pretty face this morning, she was more than happy! She ran to her & hugged her. It made me feel MUCH better about heading to work!

I hear through the grapevine & over the water cooler at work that we might be getting some snow tonight. About an inch maybe? But then rain tomorrow... sounds like it might be a nice MESS!

I am having a Tupperware party tomorrow. I haven't had any kind of party like this in years so I was like.. ok, sure, why not. I think more people want to order from the catalog then to just come & sit though. So, I hope the Tupperware lady isn't too disappointed if maybe 5 people are there. Sorry! People are just busy & prefer doing online easy convenient things!

Ok, well enough jibbering... here are some Instagram photos from the week!
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life rearranged 

Watching Gracie at cheer practice, Jaelyn getting her gymnastics on, Beauty & the Beast 3D!  

Yummy Muffin Goodness, Jaelyn all dressed up for her Tea Party, Rain Drops 

Pretty Sunset, Fancy Tea Cup, Downtown view while driving

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Have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordish Wednesday: Tea Party Fun

Happy Wednesday!
I'm a little jealous of some of you that are getting snow. Mind sending some this way? I'm not a HUGE fan of Winter but man, a little snow wouldn't be so bad. At least 1 or 2 snow days! It's suppose to get into the 50s again this weekend.. what is that?
So, here are more pictures from the Tea Party from Sunday. Everything was very yummy, very cute, and really just simply adorable. I loved this theme!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday

We had a tea party on Sunday - it was a friend's little girls 4th birthday. It was quite cute. Fancy tea cups, sugar cubes, pretty dresses, hats, feather boas - the works! The girls had such a good time and I got a few sweet shots of the birthday girl herself. Thanks for having us, Riley! Hope your birthday was full of "surprises". 

Sweet Shot Dayand
 then, she {snapped}

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Monday, January 16, 2012

xx sistersThree | Giveaway xx

  I am so happy to announce a new shop on Etsy that I've stumbled upon and LOVE!

sistersThree is an adorable shop owned by three sisters (well, duh!) - Chas, Michelle, and Kelly. 

If you're looking for Busl Bears, Eco baby headbands, cute toddler scarfs and adult scarfs and cowls, Baby Bird Quilts or some beautiful art you have come to the right place :)! We are three sisters who love to create lovely things for you and your family!! From our adorable handmade teddy bears, to beautifully knit scarfs and cowls to original one of a kind works of art--we love doing what we do! Hope you enjoy your purchase and please tell your friends about us! Thank you and God Bless!

Chas of sistersThree was so very kind enough to send me this very cute toddler scarf to check out & review just for my readers!

First, how cute is this?? The color is so cute! I know my girls get tired of all the pink I put on them, so blue is a nice change for once! It's soft, it's durable, it's washable (because we all know toddlers can be messy!). It's comfortable on my little ones neck, and soft! Abbie wore it around the house for a while before taking it off, even then she made sure to test it out on her babies because they were quite chilly. I would recommend this product to any of you with toddlers and in need of a cute little scarf. Also, it would make a great photo prop to all of you photographers out there with little ones! They have many different shades & designs in the shop to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites.....

Now for the fun part!

threeSisters has a special giveaway for my readers! WooHoo!
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