Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvest Weekend

What a fun-filled weekend we had here in New Jersey! I'm still recovering today from all of the excitement which is a fancy way of saying I have yet to get out of my pj's! I am more than thankful for an extra day to my weekend just to relax.

On Saturday the girls & I headed over to Marlboro Farm Market for a Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch. My Sister and her 2 children along with my friend Liz and her daughter were in tow with us as well. It was a beautiful day for it, as the weather was right around the 75 degree mark! Here are a few pictures of the search for the best pumpkins:

After the Pumpkin Patch we took a short break and then headed over to the Harvest Festival, which is literally in our backyard! Abbie was not big enough to ride any of the rides last year so I was excited that she got to go on a few this year. She seemed to enjoy them once they got going but it was the waiting part & keeping her entertained from the sidelines that was fun!

Jaelyn was super excited to be able to ride the Dragon Roller Coaster this year! As you can see from the smile on her face, she enjoyed it to the max!

On Sunday we headed back over the festival for a few more rides, some good food and some beautiful sunshine. The girls (& Mommy) had on their Dallas Cowboys gear, sadly though.. they lost! But they still looked adorable:

We ended the weekend with Daddy bringing us back to the house on the Gator, which I think the girls may have enjoyed more than the kiddie rides? haha.. we ate dinner, got baths and the girls were passed out before the fireworks show started! I'm not sure how they slept thru them since they shook the entire house but they never made a peep.

I am sure happy when the Harvest Festival rolls into town as it really gets me into the Fall/Harvest mood but I'm also happy to see it go! I'm an exhausted Momma!


Ginger said...

I love the pic of the kids on the roller coaster, their faces are priceless!!

And I see you found some Cowboys tshirts.. cute!

Hanna said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy, thanks for the follow, I'm following you back :-)!

Looks like a fabulous day out, I love the black and white shot!

Jill said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm now following you back. These are great pictures.