Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Little Pumpkins

I had so much fun with my 2 little pumpkins this weekend.
Daddy was very, very busy at the booth selling hamburgers for his Fire Company so it was mostly a Mommy & Girls weekend. Boy, they wore me out!
Between the Harvest Festival, gymnastics & a visit to the pumpkin patch, we never paused except to sleep!

They had such a blast and I enjoy every single minute of it.
The weather was over the edge hot... in the mid 80s. What?! Crazy right? So we were hot, hot, hot out in the pumpkin fields and waiting in short lines for rides. But the smiles were worth it! Not too mention, I got some pretty awesome pictures. More later...

Oh how I love Fall!!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful shots. Looks like fun. :) I love fall too!

Marissa said...

SO FUN :) Happy Fall!

I love how you braid their's too precious :)

Melissa said...

Beautiful shots! Love the color!