Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordish Wednesday

We took the girls out on Sunday to build a snowman since this last snowfall was perfect snowman snow, if ya know what I mean. The girls were thrilled to be outside no matter how cold it was, which just always makes me laugh. They really couldn't be bothered with rolling around the ball of snow though so they ran thru snow drifts & climbed on their swingset while Chris & I huffed & puffed building a snowman. When it was all said & done though, Jaelyn thought he was the best thing ever. The way she looked at him, I really think she thought he might come to life & start dancing with her. It was too cute! This was one of my favorite pictures I captured. I added the 'snow' effect just because I thought it looked cool.

Things went well in court on Monday. The trial date is set for March 1st so we are just keep our heads up & praying.

I am thankful this week that we are not being crippled by the massive storm coming across the States. We have been "lucky" enough to only get rain thus far, which is fine by me. To those of you getting snow... I hope you are enjoying it & it's not put too much of a damper on your week!

Happy Wednesday!

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katOUT said...

Your blog is lovely! I love reading!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot! I wish I had a piture like this! This picture is perfect for Beat the Winter Blues today! Come link up!

Marissa said...

glad court date has been set...thoughts and hugs with you!

great snowman pics. we're sitting here in Texas, waiting NOT SO PATIENTLY for the snow to start falling here...only 1 inch is coming our way, but we're BEYOND happy!!!

Bobi said...

love the photo and new to your blog but I'm liking it a lot. Keep up the great work you are doing. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! I am hosting another challenge & would LOVE if you stopped by :)
~Angel @