Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend Cell Phone Pictures

I'd like to try to do this every weekend! I just love capturing pictures on my cell phone - its easier to publish to facebook, etc. and to send to people to share. (but I still love my camera more than anything!!!) So, I thought I'd share here too! Here is our weekend in cell phone shots:

Friday - I decided to take the day off & have a 4-day weekend, wooohoo! I packed up the girls (& the babysitter!) and headed off to the beach. I only had the chance to take the girls 1 time last year. Hopefully this year we get to go lots! They LOVE it!

Saturday - We took the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese (no pictures of that crazy place!) and afterwards we stopped to get ice cream. Then we thought, uhmmm.. it might be a good idea to let the girls run off more energy to completely tire them out, ha ha! We stopped at this little park on the way home & had a few laughs!
{No fish in this stream Jaleyn said.. "just piggies cuz its dirty".. haha!}

{Watching the geese come across the pond - next time we will have to take bread to feed them!}

{She insisted on sitting on this tree stump for a picture AND tried winking, lol!!}

Sunday - We more or less didn't leave the house or yard yesterday. Daddy made yummy waffles for breakfast and then we did make it outside for some playtime in the sprinkler, bike riding and a little cruise around the yard in the Jeep! Then we hung around coloring, playing play-doh and just relaxing which I think we all needed.

There ya have it... our fun weekend in cell phone pictures!
Do you have some cell phone pictures you'd like to share?
Leave me a message so I can check them out!!

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