Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There just aren't enough hours...

I know it's Wordless/ish/ful Wednesday all over blog land today but I need a few moments to complain. I seriously need more hours in my day!!

Right now work is a tad-bit crazy, which is good actually because it does make the work day go quite fast and by 4:30, I am ready to hit the door and get out!

After that though, I have NO idea where the time goes. I get home, we do dinner, clean up, give baths and then its bedtime before I blink my eyes! WHAT? I could have sworn I had at leat 4-5 hours after work to do STUFF!

Right now I am cleaning out mode so after the girls go to bed, I'm usually cleaning something out... a room.. a closet... the dryer lint-catcher-thingy (what is the real name of that??). Plus I'm doing laundry, checking the girls book bags, getting things ready for the next day. So my poor little blog has been so neglected! AHH!

I even thought of doing the 365 Project/Challenge - which I have been taking pictures, believe it or not. It's just a matter of getting done the cleaning I want to do and then I will hopefully? maybe? have some spare time to sit down & play!

I've also decided to start a healthy eating/exercise program. Nothing fancy. Just making better choices and part of the whole cleaning thing was making room in the "spare" room so I could actually GET to the treadmill & walk on it.

Ok, so enough rambling... my point in all of this way.. I just need more hours in my day! How about you? How do you manage your time? For all you working Mommy's - do you find it harder to manage time? I'm just curious!

Because I feel I need to add a picture to this Wordish Wednesday post...


Stephanie said...

I just had my first and started back to work Monday. Just so far this week I'm finding out that by tht time I get home from work and do the things that need to be done, it's no sooner that I sit down, ready to prop my feet up when it's time for bed instead!! I can't imagine with two girls that probably keep you so busy!

Marissa said...

TOTALLY had that feeling when I was a teacher full-time. Its hard to fit it all in!!! HEre's hoping you get to feeling like time isn't slipping away from you tomorrow :)

Mav's Mom said...

I am looking forward to following you.. check out my site I am doing a giveaway!!

MommaAmma said...

We all must feel this way. It's the sign of a good wife and mommy!

I'm lucky enough to work from home so I fold boxers and onsies while on a conference call and if I'm on the line with a less liked client I put dishes away at the same time! But the nightly routine is always rushed so all we can do is sit down at the table together for dinner and treat bath time like play time. We make up for missed special moments by packing them into our weekends.