Monday, June 11, 2012

Sesame Place: Day 2!

After a very pleasant night's sleep, we were up & ready to go by 8:00 for DAY 2!!! Besides, we had breakfast with Elmo & Friends.. woohoo!

This was so cute. You were assigned a table for your family, which I loved.. no hunting & fighting for a table with little ones. We found our table and immediately went to visit with the star! Elmo!!!

We had a yummy, yummy breakfast and then of course a few more characters came to visit us at the table... Zoe & The Count.. and Big Bird was there too, yay! I'm so glad we did this, it was nice to be in the park a little earlier and we got to see a few characters we hadn't seen in the park yet.

After breakfast we tackled the roller coaster. Oh. My. I asked the girls over and over.. are you sure? and beings we just had breakfast.. oh dear. But they insisted so up we went. I rode with Abbie, Chris rode with Jaelyn. The first DROP.. Abbie was like.. "NO NO NO.. I don't like!" .. I felt so bad! She was almost in tears but made it through the whole thing. Jaelyn, however was screaming with her hands in the air.. WOHOOO, Let's GO AGAIN!! Oh how very different they are, haha! Sorry, no pictures... but here is what the roller coaster looks like so you have an idea...

We made our way around the park a little longer... watched a few of the shows that we missed the day before and had lunch.

After lunch we were off to the water parks... Sorry, no pictures of that because hey, my iPhone is not yet waterproof! The girls had fun though, we sat in the little pool wave pool area for a while so they could jump waves & cool off. They didn't go down to many water slides themselves, still a bit small for that but we did go down the GIANT slide with all of us in one big tube, how fun!

Finally around 4-ish.. the girls were getting tired & cranky and well, so were we. So we headed out, got changed & dried off and headed home.

We had such a wonderful time though! I am SO happy we went and if this is a trial run for the big park down in Florida with the Mouse, I'd say that trip isn't far off... hopefully. I hope we get to visit Sesame Place again this year, I am sure the girls will enjoy it just as much!

Thank you for a great time, Sesame!!


Marissa said...

too cute! I never heard of that place, but I know at SeaWorld a few years ago, my son loved all of the Elmo and friends shows and character spots! That place looks fun and a water park too?! I'm sure they loved it and are ready to go back ALREADY!!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time!!! I went there with my aunt and cousins when I was 16!! My aunt had always wanted to take me there, but who cares that I was 16 when she took me there. I still enjoyed it! And I know my cousins did, too.