Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Jaelyn!

Though you are growing up fast, I still think of you as the little girl I instantly fell in love with who came to us, scared, wide-eyed and dazed. You were only 15 months old actually. I'm sure you couldn't wrap your head around exactly what was going on and who all these strange people were surrounding you. You quickly adjusted however, and have long since accepted all of the love, caring & understanding you get from everyone who meets you.
5! You will be entering Kindergarten shortly there after and attending for an entire day of school. I have no doubt you will love school as you are always asking the how's, why's and when's. You are a little sponge ready to soak up as much information as you can.
In the past year, you have grown right before my eyes, maturing more with each day. You brought up the word adoption to me, much to my delightful surprise. You were laying on the couch with me, your sister already in bed and your mind must have been in overdrive as you looked at me and simply asked "Mommy, what does the word adoption mean?" After my initial shock & gasp, I thought to myself.. "Ok, I guess we are having this discussion now then." I always feared exactly how I would approach that topic with you so thank you sweetheart, for making it easy for me. I explained it to you the best way I knew how. Not only were you ok with it, after telling you how special you were because you were adopted you said "That is just so cool!". Again, thank you. Now when asked how we became your Mommy & Daddy you are very proud to say "I was adopted, isn't that cool!?" and I beam. Your curiosity on the subject has even made you ask about a few babies you've seen.. "Do you think they were adopted, too?" I can tell you will share this with your sister when it comes time for her to understand it and you will help to make her see just how very cool it is.  
There are times I look at you and think,  when in the world did she grow up? You are such a beautiful girl with a smile that can light up the room. When you giggle and laugh at even the silliest things, my world is brighter.
I love you very much!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

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