Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Citar

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Tabitha @ FreshMommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

Jaelyn & Aunt Brenda

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me falling from the Autumn tree."
Emily Bronte

I've never enjoyed watching my girls play more than I did yesterday with my best friend. They threw leaves at each other, buried themselves and giggled the entire time. It's no doubt that I love her since she's been an important part of my life since high school. Now, seeing her with my daughters is amazing and the memories are something I will never forget. Thankfully, I grabbed my camera to take pictures so they will never forget either!

Happy Sunday!


Grace said...

What a nice memory and isn't it amazing that you could buy any toy in the store but they would never have as much fun as they did with those leaves?

Miranda LaRaut-Hartrampf said...

Hello i just started following your blog.

I can't wait for play days with my daughter.... so close!

coolblogger said...

Tammy, cool blog, I am following u. Drop me to my blog when u find time.:)

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

Hi There! I'm finally catching up on Follow Me Wednesday! Thanks for linking up! I'm following you back!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC and Sunday Citar. Love your blog.

Have a nice day!

Marissa said...

SO sweet :) Hope you had a good weekend!