Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Stuff

It's nap time, which means a little time for me. I probably should be doing laundry or putting it away but that would wake the girls up so I decided against it. (Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Instead, I am making a totally random post about pretty much nothing.

Perhaps I will just talk about some of my favorite things! Then at least it wouldn't be a totally useless reason to post, right? (you agree with me here so say YES!)

Ok, here goes...

I love being a Mommy. Really, it's one of the most satisfying, rewarding things I've ever experienced. Being a Wife has it's shining moments but rarely does my Hubby get excited just because I walked in the room with a suppy cup full of juice! So, number one on my list of favorite things is:

Seeing my Daughters smile!

Ok, this isn't the best of pictures but they were being completely silly & giggling so hard that it was not about getting the perfect picture but more about capturing that moment in time!

In close second and really still in the same category is:
My Daughters hands & feet.

Just look at Abbie's cute little hands as she plays with a favorite toy. She loves to walk around with this silly butterfly, which is actually a bath toy, and wind it up... let it go... wind it up.. let it go.. repeat 200 times!

And don't even get me started on FEET! Oh, I am not grossed out by their little feet at all, I bite them, tickle them, pretty much slobber on them.. all just to hear a few little laughs! 

Last in this category would be: Daddy & His Girls.

Is there anything more precious than the love of your life snuggling with the loves of your life?? I think not!

Ok, moving on to some things that perhaps are my favorite things because they calm me, relax me, get me thru the day and just plain make me smile!

This actually contains a few of my favorite things...
My bed: Yes, it is king size and YES it is the most comfortable bed in the world.
A soft light: ahhh, relaxing.
My bedroom: PEACEFUL!
 My pillows: so soft & cuddly.
 A good book: more on this later but oh how I love me some books!  


and not just any coffee really. Coffee from my Keurig coffee maker which incidentally makes such a good cup of coffee who needs to buy it? (ok, I admit I do buy a cup here and there but for the sake of this post, my Keurig really DOES make good coffee!).

I love Cinnamon Roll coffee with Splenda & a hint of creamer and its even better in my insulated cup with a pink hot hand thingy (what are they called?). YUMMY!!

No really, I think I have an addiction.
As you may or may not notice.. depending on how much you read, my book choices are almost always YA Authors. (If you don't know what that means it's simply Young Adult). I could grab a book and get lost for hours and hours. I prefer them over tv, I prefer them over the computer (most days!) and I prefer them 99% of the time as my hobby. There is nothing greater than getting lost in a fabulous book!

and lastly... My Camera
Oh, how much do I love my camera?? I love it so much that I walked around the house taking these random photos to make up my Silly Saturday Stuff post! It's one of my best investments ever and with 2 beautiful little girls, it's already worth its weight in gold.

So, there you have it... a few of my favorite things, at least for this week!

Won't you join in & tell me some of YOUR favorites?
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Miranda LaRaut-Hartrampf said...

That picture of your girls is too cute! And that is a very good list of favs!

Marissa said...

LOVE your favorite things! Keurig is at the top of my list too :) And cuddling with Daddy..nothing like it! Your girls are PRECIOUS!