Friday, December 17, 2010

Your Three Words - Cupcake Edition


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As I mentioned before, we had a small celebration with just the 4 of us last night for little Miss Abbie. Her big birthday party is on Sunday with family & friends with a SUPER-DEE-DUPER theme (can you guess what that is!?).

I had made cupcakes for daycare and we saved some to sing Happy Birthday to the new 2 year old after dinner. She wasn't sure at first what to do with the candle, after a few.. NO, don't touch! just blow it out! It's HOT! NO NO! She finally got the idea. But it did give me quite a chuckle!

We all enjoyed yummy cupcakes but I really think the Birthday girl enjoyed hers the most!!


Ginger @ GReads! said...

Oh my! love that first pick of her waiting to blow out the candle. LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! I totally understand her excitement :-)

Lindsay said...

How cute! She is loving that cupcake :)

Marissa said...


The Drama Mama said...

Oh this has me craving chocolate cupcakes. This is a dangerous post. ;)