Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday --- A trip to the zoo!

It's been SO crazy around here lately - my schedule is beyond full, but I love it!

I had off Monday & Tuesday for my birthday so it was a very nice 4-day weekend.
The Hubby took me shopping in Lancaster, Pa on Monday where I spent most money on stuff for the girls {isn't that how it usually works!}. They needed some Summer clothes though and it's hard to pass up $5 deals in the outlets!

Yesterday, we took the girls to the Cape May County Park & Zoo. It was a lovely day! They enjoyed themselves so much and we enjoyed the smiles on their faces. Abbie claimed her favorite animal was the bears and Jaelyn's was by far the snakes {yes, really! The girl who doesn't like so much as an ant crossing her path fell in love with the snakes!}. 

Zoo animals!! We were so happy the Tiger decided to wake up from his nap & make an appearance... {he was my favorite!}

They were a little too short for the binoculars but they sure tried! and they looked SO cute holding hands just walking along... such big girls! :( Last time we went Abbie wasn't even walking yet! Ohmygoodness!

My little cutie pies! ♥

Let me apologize more for my lack of posts in the near future... we have a ton of things going on so my computer time will be limited! But I promsie to catch up with all of you at the very least!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Anonymous said...

How fun. Wonderful photos.

Christa said...

What beautiful girls you have! Great photos!

Meryl said...

Happy Birthday!!! You have lovely daughters and I'd spend more on them than myself too!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Happy Birthday! (belated!). I love the zoo! Those are great photos! Love your blog, too! :)