Friday, January 7, 2011


It's finally here... yippee!!!

My first full week back to work. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little tough. I could get use to those 4-day work weeks! {hurry up with that daycare opening, hubby!}

Yesterday, Abbie came home sick from daycare for a 1/2 day. Hubby was kind enough to go pick her up and stay with her. My Mother-In-Law was a dear & came over to help. Apparently she had a slight fever at daycare and had tummy issues. BUT, she seemed just fine the rest of the afternoon so I think maybe it was something she ate or perhaps her 2-year old molars are finally thru? She was bouncing around in her ball pit and chasing her Sister later in the evening so all is good.

This morning Jaelyn had an 'accident' right after she was dropped off. I'm not sure if she just wet herself or what but again, hubby had to run clean clothes & sneakers to daycare. {which makes me think it was just an accident.} Sometimes she gets to involved in what she is doing and forgets to go potty until the last minute!

All I can say is it's nice & not nice that Hubby is not working right now because I would have had to take off yesterday afternoon and been SUPER late to work this morning! {Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind but I'm sure my employer wouldn't be so happy happy about it.}

It was also snowing this morning and the roads were covered. Sometimes I do believe people forget how to drive when there is less than an inch of snow on the ground moreso than when there is a foot of snow! RIDICULOUS drive to work. {I was 15 minutes late, oops!} I have an SUV so I don't mind the snow so much but I do have to be patient with other drivers. {ahem!}

Yesterday we received some good news. The judge on our case with the girls foster/adoption has decided to do a proof hearing on 1/31 {original court date was 3/1}. YAY! It has been 2 years on 1/29 that the girls were placed with us and apparently he feels that is long enough. Well, about time! I will update you more on this as I find out more. For now, it's a positive thing for which I am thankful for.

What are my weekend plans you ask? Jaelyn has ballet tomorrow - I sure hope she is good & listens because the past few times she's had issues with this! After that, nothing is on the agenda. Maybe it won't be so freezing cold and we can go outside at some point so I can play with my camera more!!

What are your weekend plans??

Happy Friday!!

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Marissa said...

fun weekend plans! So jealous of the snow falling...wish it would do that here in Texas, but guess we can dream on! Ha! Have a good weekend and happy that your first day back at work was a good one, aside from the kiddos and the accident and fever.

MommaAmma said...

My husband recently started back to work so the sick kids are all mine. I don't like being stressed about missing work. Staying home ft would be much nicer!

This weekend? Party party (in that order). My son's 6th b-day party and my sisters big girl (cocktails and dancing) b-day party all in one day.

Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

Hi Tammy! I'm stopping by to let you know I have a blog award waiting for you!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

Kat said...

I'm glad to head back to work to and be on more of a schedule. Yay for good news from the judge too. Have a wonderful weekend. It sounds like a fun one :)