Monday, August 15, 2011

Flood Waters

It has been crazy raining here. Almost every backroad, smalltown bridge is out because there is no where for the water to go. It took me longer to get to work this morning because everyone is scrambling to take this road or that road due to the overflowing water. I'm not even sure if the Lake near my house is going to make it.. I'm afraid that bridge will be gone by the time I leave because it's raining, AGAIN! It's nuts!

Here are some pictures from our local news station.
I didn't take these, but as you can see.. it's not good!

If you get a minute today, please say a little prayer for everyone in our area. There is so much damage and well, it's just plain scary! No one has been seriously injured that I have heard so that in itself is a small miracle we can be thankful for. Let's hope this rain stops soon.

On a lighter note... my giveaway from The Homemade Way is ending tonight.
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Ashley Sisk said...

Will totally pray for you guys - reminds me of the flood in my hometown in 1999. Scary!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Praying you guys stay safe.