Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jaelyn

Dear Jaelyn,

I can't believe you are 4 today. How did that happen?
I blinked my eyes and you have turned into this adorable little lady.

You are already so independent.
You tell me numerous times "I can do it myself!" so I smile & watch.
You can write your name very well.
You love to color and stay in the lines so good!
You start Pre-K next week & I'm a little nervous.
You'll be riding a big girl school bus... WHAT!?

You love to have your hair done.
You often tell me HOW you want it done... braids, 2 ponytails, curly.
You are such a girly girl (& I love it!)
You will patiently let your fingers & toes dry after I've painted them.
You bug your Sister sometimes so much... but I know its because you love her dearly.
You can count to ten in Spanish!
You love to brush your teeth because it makes them "sparkly".   :)
You love to shop! It's all about shoes for you...

You are so beautiful. I know I may be partial but really... you have natural beauty!
You aren't a big eater. You kind of pick at everything!
I wish you'd just TRY new things to eat... *mumble*.
You love the water. Any water. You will spend hours in a pool like a fishy!

You are kind.
You say please & thank you.
You love people but sometimes you are a bit shy at first.
You LOVE tv (too much if you ask me!).
Your favorite show varies... you like Spongebob (ugh!), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
Word Girl, Super Readers, Dora & Diego.
You love animals of any kind. We really need to get you a puppy!
You asked for a white puppy for your birthday.. and you wanted to name him "Fudge".
Your favorite animal at the zoo is the Snakes. Really???
BUT.. you hate bugs.  

You have quite the imagination.
You.never.stop.talking. even in your sleep!
You make up stories that often make me laugh.
You play very well by yourself especially with your My Little Pony's.
You love the Snerfs (Smurfs!).
You think your Daddy is best the thing to walk this planet.
You are a great cuddler!

I love you so very much and I am SO happy to be your Mommy.
You have brought so much joy & sunshine into our world.
I'd like you to stop growing up now, okay?
Happy Birthday my beautiful!

Love, Mommy


Marissa said...


Love all the pictures and happy birthday pics are GREAT :)

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

She's so cute. My daughter won't let me paint her nails or comb her hair. Happy birthday to her.