Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WW: Birthday Princess

We had a 'Princess' party for our little Princess who turned 4 on Monday.
{it was originally scheduled for Sunday but Hurricane Irene had other plans for us!}

Can I just tell you I LOVED this party!
Jaelyn is at the age where everything was exciting & happy & wonderful.
She was so happy... which made me very happy.

Here are a few 'royal' pictures...

We gave her a Leapster Explorer for her birthday.
She loves it & I love it because it's somewhat educational & not just a gaming system!

Some Sand Art fun!

She looks so funny in this first picture but it makes me laugh!

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Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like such a fun party!

About Mrs. G said...

What a gorgeous party - and little Princess!

Those cupcakes look delish!

Marissa said...

love it! SO GIRLY!!! could that cake be any cuter? Happy Birthday, Princess!!!

Jenny said...

She is beautiful. What a lovely and festive party!

ashley.warner said...

this is the cutest party i've ever beheld! i am loving it!

what a pretty blog too!