Friday, October 28, 2011


Love, love, love my new iPhone and the Instagram app!
Now I found a place to share them with other cool people... wooohoo!
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life rearranged

(Jaelyn playing trains at my brother's house. So cool that a girl at work just gave us almost the exact same train set (Thomas!), she was cleaning out her toys and brought them in to me. The girls will love it!)

(Play-Doh fun with the cousins. Can't you smell it from where you are?

(Bath time with Abbie is always so fun!)


(Watch out Bella, these vampire girls might give you a run for your money! They vant to svuck ya blvoooood. haha!)

Come join in the fun!!!


Grace said...

your girls are just the cutest little vampires i've ever seen!!!
and is it just me or does the smell of playdoh gross you out?

Franchesca said...

Aw fun pictures!!!! I found you through Life Rearranged :)