Monday, June 18, 2012

Laurie & Devyn

You may remember me taking pictures for my good friend, Gina back in December? Her two little girls are ADORABLE! I had such fun with them!

Well, I recently go to take more pictures for her.. yay! I had such a blast, lol. I'm telling you it is SO much more easier to take pictures of other peoples kids, haha. I just say "Let them do as they wish & I will capture it" whereas with mine, I am more like.. "SIT down! No, DO THIS!" and I wind up bribing them with candy? ha!

Anyways.. Thank you Gina for letting me capture Devyn & Laurie's personalities! :)


Marissa said...

you are such a great photographer! love these pics of these adorable kiddos!

Grant Gilchrist said...

Wow, your pictures and blog in general are impressive! I'm only a few months into mine, and I see I have a lot to learn...