Wednesday, August 18, 2010


M - I - C
See ya real soon...
K - E - Y
Why? Because it's going to be Jaelyn's 3rd Birthday!

M - O - U - S - E

Maybe you didn't get the hint. We are having the big '3' birthday party next Sunday on the 29th and it is of course, Mickey/Minnie Mouse themed! Jaelyn is absolutely in LOVE with Mickey & Minnie Mouse right now! We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at least once a day, usually more on the weekends. So, there was no doubt that she would, of course, want a Minnie Mouse party (because Minnie is the girl mouse, haha - her words!). I made up her cute invitation seen here:

My talented Sister is making her adorable cake and we have everything from pin the bow on Minnie's head to bubbles to create your own Mickey/Minnie face for activities. I can't wait to see the smiling faces and pray, pray, pray for a nice day since we will most likely be outside!

OH.. and I cannot wait to see her face when she opens her birthday present from Mommy & Daddy. It's a surprise so YOU have to wait too!

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Ginger said...

I know what it is!!! hehe
Very cute invitations. Can't wait to see the rest!