Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Same/Same: Songs for Adoptive Families

I was recently contacted by Chicago-area singer/songwriter Chuck Kent, who is partnering with World Vision in the months of November & December through the sales of his CD of adoption songs titled "Same/Same: Songs for Adoptive Families".

November is National Adoption Month in the U.S. and November 20 is National Adoption Day.

Kent said that during November and December he will be donating to World Vision for their global humanitarian work with all kinds of children and families.

According to Adoptive Families magazine "... the catchy tunes and clever lyrics put to music how children think and feel about adoption ... songs perceptively tap into common issues, such as invasive questions, worrying about permanence, and testing parental limits." The CD of 11 adoption songs can be purchased through links on the website

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

The singer/songwriter and his adoptive family live in the Chicago area where he runs the creative marketing agency Creative on Call, Inc. - He is a proud supporter of World Vision; these proceeds will go to help the children and families it serves.

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Please take a minute to stop & listen to some sample songs on the CD, read about Chuck Kent and his efforts to help the children & families of World Vision. I personally will be ordering one of these CD's for my girls to listen to (of course once our Adoption is finalized [fingers crossed!]). I think as an adoptive parent talking to your children about adoption is not so much a fear, but it's not always easy. Why not have a fun CD with music to help out? The songs are catchy from the previews I've listened too and I can just picture my little ones dancing around to them! I hope to offer more of a review once I receive my CD - I will give you an update!

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