Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Favorite Things

I'm always browsing etsy looking for new & different things. I'm amazed at all of the creative people who come up with the most adorable stuff! I thought I'd start sharing some of the cute things I find with you.

*I am not being paid by any website or artist for any promotions mentioned here.
I am simply sharing my favorite things*

This week I picked butterflies. Just a little something represent my two beautiful butterflies! I know they are learning everyday to spring their wings and grow up to be these remarkable ladies but for now, I will enjoy keeping them little and fluttering around! I love, love LOVE the stone with 'believe' on it along with the butterflies.. by far my favorite this week!

{1} rivkah designs
{2} Trink Arts
{3} Sentimental Stone
{4}M E C Inspirations
{5} pita power
Please feel free to stop by any of these shops to check out these adorable items. And why not let them know Tammy @ Don't Blink sent you!? Etsy has all sorts of neat things to check out... I could spend hours on there just shopping.

Do you have some awesome treats or finds to share? Leave me a message!

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Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I love Etsy. I have a ton of things saved in a "Things to buy folder" my computer.