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Guest Blogger Spotlight -- Courtney from Click It Up a Notch

Are you looking for a new blog to check out? Maybe get some advice, just connect with another Mommy or a really good story to make you laugh? Well, here at Don't Blink, I have decided to start a Blogger Spotlight! I will be featuring my favorite blogs that I visit frequently. They make me laugh, they offer advice and they deserve a spotlight feature so you can check them out, too!

Please welcome - Courtney from Click It Up a Notch.

I first ran across Courtney while browsing some other Mommy blogs and happened to click on her link or perhaps picture she linked up to. I was so amazed by her talent of taking pictures and immediately read more about her and read all of her advice & post about picture taking. She has 2 beautiful daughters the same age as me so I knew right away I could learn a lot from her & her great eye for taking some pretty awesome pictures!

Courtney was gracious enough to take a few minutes out of her busy Mommy schedule and answer some questions for me. I'm so happy she did!

1. Where do you call "home"? Currently I call Japan home. My husband is a pilot in the Air Force and that saying "Home is where the Air Force sends you" is so true. My dad was also a pilot in the Air Force so it's in my blood to be a military spouse. I love living in Japan and learning all about their culture and experiencing new things. I do miss things about the States like Target and Chick-fil-a.

2. When did you start blogging? Like most people, I started blogging when I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter. We lived in WA and our families were in NC and IL so we needed a way for them to keep up with everything. That was 5 years ago. However, my current blog has not been around that long. I had fallen in love with blogging and photography so I started a Project 365 for 2010. Throughout the year I had family, friends, and blogger friends ask for tips to improve their own photography. So last September was when Click it Up a Notch was born. I have LOVED being able to help people better understand there camera and in turn take better pictures of their kids and life!

3. Besides blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time? Most of my spare time is spent editing pictures or learning all I can about photography (I'm kind of obsessed). We like to do "local" things like going to festivals, trying new restaurants, or exploring around the island.

4. Tell us about your family: My husband and I have been married for 7 years. We have two daughters, Kate -3 yrs and Emma 2 yrs. We also have two dogs, Charlie and Gus who are crazy! We have lived in 4 different states and now another country. We aren't perfect but I love who we are!

5. What is the one thing your daughters can do to bring a smile to your face? How can I pick just one. Mmm...they do so many things that make me smile. If I have to pick one, I would say when they show affection and are kind to each other. It can be such a challenge to teach Kate that she needs to protect Emma not bully her. When I see them playing so well together and their friendship growing it just warms my soul!

6. What does your family do for fun? My husband's job is pretty demanding so honestly, anything we can do together is fabulous. Last weekend we went to a park and had a picnic. It was great! We also like to check out local places and tourist attractions since we only have a few years here.

7. What do you find is the most fun about blogging? I love being able to connect with other women! It is amazing the friendships I have made with the people I have "met". I sometimes I have to remind myself that I have actually never met this person that I talk about as if she is my long lost friend. Blogging is such a fabulous community of encouraging and supportive women and sometimes as a SAHM, that is just what we need!

8. Where is your favorite place to shop? Online! Ha! Shopping at Japanese stores can be interesting for sure! I buy most of my stuff from Amazon since they get things here so quickly.

9. What advice would you offer to a new Mommy? Get as many pictures with you and your baby as possible! I know after we have a baby we can find a thousand of excuses not to get in a picture - extra weight, didn't shower, still in pajamas, and no make up. Don't let those keep you out of a photo. I promise you child will not look back at those pictures and think "Gosh, my mom had a little extra baby weight to lose." They will be SO happy to have a photo of the two of you together. PLEASE get in the pictures with your kids!! Oh, and don't read the books!! Honestly, they stressed me out more than anything. If you want to read, just read a little and with a grain of salt knowing you may pull a little bit from something but you don't have to buy into the theory completely.

10. What do you like to do to pamper/spoil yourself? Once a month my girlfriends and I get pedicures. It is the only time we get to hang out without all the kids and that hour and a half is a small slice of heaven. We laugh and always make a scene. The funny thing about the pedicure places here is you pick a design to put on your toes. You go through a book that probably has about 1000 designs so it takes forever to pick. Last time we let each other pick someone else's design. It's always a great time!!

 This was fun! Thanks for including me!!

Thank you so much, Courtney for taking part of my Guest Blogger Spotlight! Your pictures are amazing and a great inspiration to all of us learning the ropes about taking better pictures!

Please be sure to visit Courtney at Click It Up a Notch and comment on YOUR favorite photos! She has lots of great tips & tricks to better picture taking that you won't want to miss out on!

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