Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This will be anything but wordless, haha.. sorry!
I feel like my poor little blog is getting neglected lately! That is what happens when Summer rolls around though.. busy, busy, busy! We have so much on our schedule! and it's ONLY THE BEGINING of Summer! YAY!

On Saturday we had a lovely Adoption Party to celebrate with all of our family & friends. It was so much fun. We had many things to keep the kids occupied - a bouncy castle, sand art, tattoos, face/arm/legs painting, a balloon animal artist and food. SO MUCH FOOD! lol! It was great! I loved being able to thank everyone almost individually, letting them know how special they were to us during this 2-year "battle" so-to-speak for our adorable daughters. There were tons of smiles, lots of laughs and it did my heart good. My daughters are very blessed to have such wonderful people love them so much (and we are, too!).  These are straight from my camera as my edit time is pretty much ZERO! So enjoy the SOOC! - I did not get many pictures of Abbie, she was just so busy BOUNCING, BOUNCING, BOUNCING that she didn't stop for anything else!

{The Super Fabulous YUMM-O Cake my Mom had done for us! - Jaelyn told my niece Jessica at one point who was standing by the cake, "That's MY Family!" -- awww, melt my heart!}

{My Best Friend Liz & Jaelyn - she was SO excited about the party, can you tell?}

{Liz's daugher, Amber (and my niece!) & Abbie}

{My niece, Jessica & Jaelyn - what a beautiful role model, I hope Jaelyn learns many things from her! They opened her special gift - a snow globe of a little girl praying with her name engraved on it!}

{My Sister, NancyJo & Abbie - opening her special gift}

{Jaelyn getting one of her many tattoos - yes, she was covered in head to toe!}

{Jaelyn doing a little sand art!}

Sunday we stopped by a friends BBQ to say Hello - the girls played for a little bit, fun fun! Then we went to visit my brother camping - the girls were covered in dirt in a matter of 45 minutes! I loved it! They enjoyed some delicious watermelon that I managed to snap from my cell phone. MMmmMM YUMMY!

Monday we FINALLY rested, relaxed, and just hung out at the house to recoop from the busy weekend. WHEW! It was much needed!

I sure hope you had a great weekend!

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Olivia Grace said...

Looks like an awesome day! That cake is amazing! Such a beautiful family:)

Buckeroomama said...

That cake is awesome! I love the picture of the family that your mom included! :)

Marissa said...

what a fun celebration for such a beautiful, complete family :)