Thursday, February 23, 2012

Please Touch Museum

I mentioned yesterday that I had taken Tuesday off to make my holiday weekend a four-day weekend. YAY! We were lovingly given a gift certificate to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. We had been there one other time last year. Oh look, I found that post HERE from the last time we visited!

I have to say, this time was MUCH easier with the girls. Abbie is 3 and Jaelyn is 4 - perfect ages. They were able to play with everything, touch everything & had a blast. I took all of these with my iPhone because well, sometimes you just need to PLAY & HAVE FUN instead of worrying about snapping every picture possible. Plus, these are perfectly fine pictures to capture a few of our favorite moments!

I took this shot going over the bridge of Philadelphia. Then I played around with it & made it look all funky. I think it's neat!

Abbie sitting on a big goose! She loved the nest and even help build one so her 'baby goose' would be all nice & cozy.

Jaelyn was pumping gas. I tried telling her Jersey Girls don't pump gas but she looked cute enoughd doing it. They also washed this car, beeped the horn, tried out the wipers.. pretty funny.

This was a gigantic magnet wall. There were huge magnets in those red bins that the girls stuck on the wall being creative & making their own little art!

This was so funny! They could put space suits on too but didn't care to, they were looking at themselves on the screen as well which is why they are looking down. Jaelyn get saying.. "Look I'm in space!" haha.

This just makes me laugh. haha!

They loved the carousel ride! :)

We had so much fun! Such a tiring day. I think Mommy & Daddy may have been a little more worn out then they were by the time we got home! So happy they enjoy it though. The smiles on their faces are priceless!! If you are around the Philadelphia area and have little ones, I highly recommend going here! You'll love it!

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