Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter: Part 2

We had a lovely time at my Mom & Dad's this year. She actually has a very nice backyard in her little Over 55 community! The kids cooperated with some pictures because they knew soon after they would get some good food & get to find eggs, lol! 

The sun was BRIGHT! We didn't fuss too much, just happy to get them all to stand nicely & smile!  

The Girls.. with their "the sun is really in my eyes" smiles. ha!  

Sassy with their hands on their hips!

The Boys!

My Niece & Nephews... such cuties. ♥

The weather has been GORGEOUS here lately so I've really been getting the 'big girl' camera out instead of just my iPhone and taking some pictures. I will post some later in the week probably.
YAY for nice weather!!!

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Marissa said...

such happy, fun photos to wrap up Easter 2012! love it! I say it all of the time, but those girls are TOO darn cute!!