Thursday, November 11, 2010

Showing a litte love to SHUTTERFLY! ♥

I remember a time before we had Jaelyn & Abbie when I would joyfully open the Christmas cards we would receive from family, friends & the likes. Most of the cards had pictures of all their littles ones, showing off their cute faces along with some adorable messages for a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I would smile & sigh at the same time, filling out my cards with hearts & smiley faces wishing I could at least include a picture of our doggie, Spike.

Nowadays, I can't decide WHICH picture I want to put my adorable little girls faces on! There are so very many to choose from. I couldn't wait to flip thru the pages on Shutterfly to check out this years cards. They have such a great selection and so many cute cards, I have no idea how you narrow it down!

I think I have finally decided that these two happen to be my favorites. Mostly because of the sayings on them & the meanings behind them. They are both kind of simple but sweet, in my opinion.

This is the front runner right now... how perfect are those words?
But I do love the simplicty of this one...  

Which one do you like best??

The fun part will be to get at least one good shot of BOTH of my girls in the same picture, which I am going to attempt very soon. Otherwise, I might be back on Shutterfly to check out the collage photo cards!

Have you picked out your cards yet? If not, be sure to stop over at Shutterfly and have a look at all of the fabulous cards! They have Christmas Cards, Holiday Cards, Christmas Photo Cards, New Years Cards and many more! You can surely find something to tickle your fancy!

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1 comment:

Ginger said...

What an awesome idea! and thanks for the link (I signed up lol).

For you - I would pick the first card. The words are PERFECT and plus it allows you to add more pics of the girls :-) I know you have tons of cute ones!