Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo Challenge: Beauty

So this super cute friend Angel Perry is hosting a Photo Challenge
with the theme of "Beauty".

{Her rendition of beauty}

The lucky *random.org picked* winner will be receiving
a super cute scarf from her compliments of the lovely Boubo!
AND even more exciting, the winner will have two scarfs
to choose from!!

Well, we all know I have a ton of beauty pics to choose from beings I have 2 very beautiful daughters (not that I'm partial or anything!). But this picture makes me think of beauty every time I look at it. I love the sun reflecting off Jaelyn's face, the serene background with all of the green... well, it's just downright pretty ok!?

So I'm thinking, YOU should hop on over to Angel Perry's blog and link up to this first time photo challenge of hers and spread the love. She is super sweet & super cute so it's hard to resist!

Living in a Perry Tale


Anonymous said...

Well don't you have the sweetest things to say! I adore your blog & I am so happy that you've found mine! Thanks for participating friend. You photo reminds me of a photo I have of my daughter. It is perfect in every single way! I love how the wind is wound up in her hair & that light on her face. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a precious photo! Absolutely gorgeous! xo