Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Ni Hao Y'all
Miss Abbie was dressing up yesterday morning...
oh the get-ups she can come up with!
I really think she was going for the rocker chick look.

{Apparently her band was playing too loudly so she found these stylish mittens to muffle the noise}

{no rocker chick look is complete without guitar silk pj bottoms & heels!}

{here she shows off her style with a princess hat inside out because that is how she rolls!}

{and finally we have the messy fly away hair, crazy pyscho purse, pink princess top with the should straps wore down and a purple mirror to check your look often}

Oh yeah, now she just needs a guitar!


Natalie said...

OOH how cute she is! And to answer your question YES! I do watch Toy Story OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It is so old to me but my son LOVES it!

Stefanie said...

Gosh, how FUN are these pictures?! Isn't dress up the best? And how great it will be to look back on these when she is bigger and see how she has changed over the years :)
They grow up too quickly!
Happy Sunday!