Thursday, May 5, 2011


-A Mommy's Daybook-


outside my window...
it's sunny but rather chilly.
What happened to our nice Summer weather??!!

i am thinking...
about my complete Mommy meltdown last night
and thankful for a new day.

i am learning...
to take some of my own advice.
Relax, breathe, don't be so uptight Tammy!

i am wearing...
gray pants, a cute 'watercolor' shirt and a short black sweater over top.
I feel nice today!

i am creating...
a list of party things, people, stuff for our big adoption party!

i am going...
to finish up some Mother's Day shopping soon.
I have the ideas in my head - now I just have to get everything together.

i am reading...
Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
I'm on Chapter 18 and so far I have really enjoyed it.
For some reason I look books about Angels!

i am hoping...
everyone decides to come out to our party.
It will be SO nice to thank each 
& every person that has been there for us for the past 2 years.

i am hearing...
gossip that I prefer not to. Sometimes it amazes me
that grown women can't act more like grown women.

around the house...
I cleaned like Cinderella on Saturday morning.
Scrubbed floors, cleaned bathrooms, dusted, etc.
I am hoping to tackle our bedroom this weekend. It is
in serious need of organization!!

one of my favorite things...
is watching sports with my hubby. I know, odd to some
of you probably but I enjoy sports and watching it
with Chris is actually FUN!

a few plans for the weekend...
picking up my new Vera Bradly bag.. WOOHOO!
Jaelyn has dance on Saturday and then just getting more
things together for Adoption Day (May 13th) and our party!

a picture...
am I the only OCD person with socks? Yes, I actually fold
them together, haha!! Hopefully this picture makes you smile!

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