Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little (or maybe big?) rant.

I never rant on this blog. It's my happy place. I mostly use it to show off the fun stuff happening with my family, my daughters, my lovely friends. I try not to bitch & complain because well, I'm actually a pretty happy person. But hey, I do have my moments.. I mean, I AM human. 

So, if you wish to click out now before this rant continues... that is quite alright with me. If you'd like to see a side of me similiar to when Reese Witherspoon DECKS her almost Mother In Law in the movie Sweet Home Alabama, then read on.  :) (and no, this is not about my Mother In Law... she's a sweetheart. ♥).

I like to take pictures. It's fun, it makes me smile and bring out a creative side of me. I am by no means a professional photographer. I do not advertise nor go door to door asking for business. Friends and friends of friends sometimes read this blog & see my pictures on Facebook and think 'Hey, she takes nice pictures! I think I will ask her to take some for me' and then we talk & I set up a date with them and well, I take pictures! I learn through a lot of blog friends on how to better myself when taking pictures, I read tips & tricks, I practice editing when time allows. I really do love it!

Recently, a dear friend of mine asked me to take pictures for her. I was ecstatic! She has adorable children and of course I said yes immediately. We set it all up and I went over, took the pictures, played, had a glass of wine, chit chatted and had a wonderful time. SO MUCH FUN! I will post those pictures later...

Anyhow, dear friend had posted on Facebook that morning that I was coming to take pictures for her. YIPPEE! *proud moment for me*. After said post appeared, another 'friend' on my facebook & hers who is trying to start a 'photography business' text her to see if SHE could take pictures.

Hold the phone. What?

Who does that?

As I said before, I am not a professional. HOWEVER, THAT is one of THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL & RUDE moments in my photography career. That would be like me contacting everyone she has taken photos of and asking them if I could take pictures as well.

Not only that, she puts my friend on the spot because really, what do you say to that? (She is marrying into the family so it's a tough spot to be in!).

THEN she posts the pictures she took on facebook. Pretty much comparing or throwing it in my face comparing the pictures.

I'm sorry. You are an ignorant, spoiled, fruitcake is what you are!

First of all, deary... where are your manners?
Second of all, deary... if you would have asked to come along with me so we could BOTH take pictures, learn from each other, share ideas this wouldn't be so sucky.
Third of all, deary... IT'S RUDE.

If you are THAT desperate to ruin a friendship, hurt feelings, to show-off that you can take pictures, I pretty much want no parts of you. So take your little camera, your little photography business and stuff it.

While you are at it, learn some manners.

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for reading my rant. ♥ I could say a lot more but unlike the above person described, I have class.

Hey.. Happy Wednesday!


Actuary Mom said...

seriously rude!

Marissa said...

ok, first of all love the new layout...

and on the other hand, HOW RUDE! Seriously SOOOO rude :( Sorry.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

What a truly shitty thing to do to you. Girl you take some wonderful photos!!!!! I have to say that person was beyond rude. Sounds like they are jealous of what you can do.