Saturday, October 30, 2010

GReads Challenge

My friend, Ginger has an awesome book blog that all of you book loving Mommy's should go check out! She is hosting a challenge at GReads for anyone who wants to participate! This challenge will begin as soon as you read this blurb & will end on December 31st, 2010.

Challenge: Open up a NEW RELEASE book that you read this year (2010) and read it again! Sounds simple right?

I know there's been quite a few book releases this past year which have been incredible! I challenge you to read as many as you can again, before the end of 2010. I'll be making frequent posts about what books I'll be re-reading so check back often!

Please go link up & check out this challenge to participate by clicking HERE. Also, leave Ginger a little love on just how cute her blog is & become a follower!


Ginger said...

Aww thanks Tammy!
So what ya gunna re-read next? I'm thinking I may crack open Twilight again.. even though it wasn't a "new release in 2010". Simone Elkeles is always a good choice to re-read too :-)

Tammy said...

I think all of the Simone Elkeles will be re-read! Just in case I missed something. And just maybe the Hunger Games series. I always discover new things when I re-read!

FYI - I just bought CRAVE & Before I Fall so I will be squeezing them in too!